Monday, October 21, 2013

snuggle bunny

Outfit Details:
Bunny & Carrot Dress: The Kissing Tree Vintage
Orange belt: ASOS (on sale!)
White tights: Target
Squirrel ring: Forever 21
Black flats: Target (old)
Kimchi Blue doctor bag: Urban Outfitters (old)

After a long day of school shows (and an evening rehearsal to follow), it felt really nice to change into real clothes, do my hair and enjoy the last of the sunlight.  I end up wearing schlubby sweatpants and old tank tops to the shows in the morning, since I change right when I arrive and am usually so gross when they're over (each show is an hour of non-stop physical movement, essentially) that I don't want to wear anything nice.  It was finally cool enough outside to wear this adorable sweatshirt dress, so I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I didn't have to dance in my evening rehearsal and wear something impractical.  :)

I don't think I'd ever used this bag before this post.  It's just been sitting on a shelf.  It's so cute, but it's not really a practical bag for most things, and I will usually opt for function over fun when it comes to purses.  But I love that it totally looks like a carrot!  And the doctor's bag shape is so charming.

I took a bunch of photos of the rabbit up close... but it actually looks SUPER creepy when you don't see the whole dress!  There are a few photos with just its eyes looking at the camera and it takes on this whole sinister feel... and it's really such a cute dress that I couldn't post those photos!

Oddly, this dress only has one pocket?  But it's such a warm and fleecy thing (it feels like the dress is giving you a hug when you wear it!) that I can't even complain.

See?  Even a little bit of the eyes come off as totally frightening!
Have a great Monday!  
xox Sammi

PS: The lovely Kristian of Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style) has featured me -- along with some other awesome bloggers -- in her newest "Q+A" installment on her blog today!  She was so sweet to think of me for this series, and this post is all about risks.  Go check it out here!


  1. I am loving this look, this bunny dress is so freakin cute!! It always makes me feel better to get all done up if I haven't been for a while for sure

  2. Aw, that dress is so cute! It looks super comfy too!


  3. I absolutely love this dress! Seriously, the perfect kind of quirky and adorable.

  4. So cute! Love the use of the white tights :) Congrats on being featured! Alex

  5. That's so odd but kind of cool that it only has one pocket! This is seriously the cutest dress! And I love that you had a carrot-orange bag too match! Darling :)

  6. Very nice outfit. I like your dress and bag.

  7. lovely blog!

  8. I absolutely love that bag! Kind of sad that it is an old one because I would totally love to get it. You do have an adorable outfit theme. So days sweater dresses are all you could ever want.

  9. How cute are you!! Ridiculously cute dress, and I love that bag!

    Jenny Lee

  10. You are ADORABLE!

    Xo, Hannah


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