Sunday, October 13, 2013

Apples to apples

Outfit Details:
Apple dress: Forever 21 (old, but similar dresses here, here and here)
Basically Amazing Socks in Ivory: ModCloth (no longer available, but similar here)
Baby Biscuit purse: Geek Heaven
White belt: from another dress
Clock Strikes 12 watch: ASOS (old)
Emma Flats in Black: BAIT Footwear

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago -- right before our last show for the Fringe Festival (I hardly ever wear my hair straight like this anymore, but I seem to wear it straight a lot for any contemporary shows I do).  I had been planning to wear this dress for something like apple picking (a popular blogger activity, it seems), but since that doesn't look like it'll pan out, I figured I should make use of this dress in one way or another.  I've had it for a couple of years, and it's one that I tend to forget about, despite the fact that it's so cute.  I got makeup on the collar at one point, and it wouldn't come out, so that kept me from wearing it for a while.  Luckily, it seems to be gone now, so I can enjoy it again!

This weekend was filled with theatre.  On Friday, we had three(!!!) school shows for our touring production (and, not surprisingly, since I'm not at all over this cold and had to vocally strain to get through all three shows, my voice is pretty shot), and then my best friend Wayne and I went to see the national tour of Ghost while it was in town.  A friend of mine from college is playing one of the leads, and I was so glad that I got to see him!  I had never seen the movie, so I had no expectations whatsoever, other than the fact that musicals adapted from films don't have the best reputation.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it (and at how much I CRIED).  The show has some absolutely incredible technological aspects, and they utilize some amazing projections to create an almost film-theatre hybrid.  There are these scenes that take place in subway cars that are truly astounding, and the technology perfectly captures the supernatural elements required for a story like this.  It truly had an effect on me, as is evidenced by the fact that I'm still thinking about how stunning a show it was, a couple of days after seeing it.  

And last night, we went to see a local production of The Last Five Years, starring two very talented local actors I have the privilege of knowing.  Jason Robert Brown's music is incredibly intricate and vocally-challenging, and I thought both actors did a beautiful job.  I had never seen the show before (I'm just very familiar with the cast recording), and I think the structure of the show is great (essentially, the show chronicles a couple's five year relationship, only the man's story is told from beginning to end, while the woman's story is told end to beginning), but because I've spent so long coming up with my own images for the story in my mind, it was almost strange to actually see it staged in person.  Which is not at all a reflection on the quality of this production, but rather just an interesting realization.

I have a rehearsal for the Rapunzel show this afternoon, and then I need to clean and do laundry, and be on vocal rest for as long as possible.  I'm frustrated that I'm still sick, but it's obviously because I haven't been able to carve out a chunk of time to truly recover from it.  I also haven't been sleeping well lately (for some reason, I've developed a lot of anxiety this week, pertaining to things that should have given me anxiety much sooner), and I know that's been a big factor.  My goal tonight is to go to bed early!  There just aren't enough hours in the day, that's the problem.  And another problem is that I watch scary crime shows before bed.  I scare myself so badly that I'm up for hours, but I can't stop watching them!  Very silly of me.  No more!

I hope you had a lovely weekend, and have a restful Sunday!

xox Sammi


  1. Ohhh this dress is sooo sweet, love the apple print and the peter pan collar! Sounds like a great weekend :)

  2. I really liek that dress. Is so cute.

  3. I have that same dress and was literally just thinking about it before I saw this post! It looks so much more darling on you than it does on me, and you've styled it soooo sweetly!

    xo Sarah

  4. LOVE the watch! Alex

  5. This dress is too adorable and perfect for fall! I adore it with the knee-high socks too. Aw, your posts always make me miss theatre so much!

  6. What a cute dress! Obsessed with your bag too. ♥


  7. Feel better soon!!

    I love apple prints and this is a gem of one. I like how you rock the schoolgirl-grown-up vibe here.

  8. Darling as always! And you're so kind to provide links to similar items!!


  9. that's such a cute dress! love the biscuit bag, too!

  10. I love your apples dress and that bag is soo adorable!!

    Fashion, Food, Travel

  11. You are too darling! Your cheeks are like rosy apples too and the photos are just lovely in your cute novelty print dress!

  12. Everything about this outfit is so perfect! Gorgeous photos, too. You look adorable!

    Jenny Lee

  13. Love! You and this outfit are both so adorable! You really have this gift of making me want to have everything you post in my own closet, lol.
    So stunning :)

    Crush Vintage


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