Thursday, August 15, 2013

Horse and carriage ride

Outfit Details:
Dress: Oasis (sold out)
Rocking horse ring: Hello Holiday
Storybook Of My Life Flats: ModCloth

I really adore the brand Oasis, because they have so many gorgeous printed dresses, and the one I'm wearing here is no exception.  I knew that when I saw this dress, it had to come live with me.  The horse and carriage print is just too good to pass up, and I love the neck detailing!

Have a lovely Thursday!
xox Sammi


  1. Love that print..I'm not even a horse person but I'm a sucker for prints that aren't like the run of the mill floral or polkadots. And that neckline is adorable!

  2. The neckline on that dress is adorable, and I love a good horse in fashion. I must get that rocking horse ring! You look simply adorable!

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  3. Ha! The minute I saw the first picture I was intrigued by the print and seeing it- well, it looks like Pride and Prejudice a bit, doesn't it? How lovely! There are other fun details here too- the neckline for one- but I also like how you are a bit playful, a bit tongue-in-cheek with the horse ring to match the print.

  4. Such a cute outfit. I really love the print on the dress, so adorable!

  5. The neckline on this dress is divine! And as usual, the print is as well. I'll never get over how adorable your jewelry is!

  6. Agh I love that dress print! You accessorize so adorably!

  7. Love this print!

    Xo, Hannah

  8. Rocking horse ring, wheeeeee!

    Love, Amy

  9. Wow...the pattern on that dress. I'm really really dying to get one now!!

  10. Oh my gosh! This is too darling!!


  11. I love that dress!

    Natalia xo

  12. This look is so cute! I love the colors and pattern of the dress. It's really cool how it's like a stripe, but with a print. That ring is adorable, too!

    xo, Michelle // Neon Rattail


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