Monday, January 28, 2019


who what wear target sweatshirt polka dot

Hi, friends – long time, no blog. I hadn't taken any outfit photos since the holidays due to being busy with work and freezing cold temperatures. But I wanted to get in at least one outfit before the end of January(!). This is a cute and casual look that feels slightly beatnik-like to me. It's way too cold outside to wear a skirt right now (much less these flimsy flats!), but that's the nice thing about taking photos inside. I'm already getting sick of the snow :( It helps to remember that, like everything else, the current season is only temporary.

polka dot sweatshirt
60s beatnik 50s outfit

I don't have a whole lot of news to report, really. One thing is that I've been cooking a bit more often and am doing Weight Watchers again. I actually started before the holidays because I was feeling so lousy and I'm definitely feeling encouraged and more confident. When I did WW in the past, I got kind of obsessed with the number on the scale. This time, I've been able to approach it in a more realistic way. I'm way more focused on how I feel, rather than how much I weigh or the size of clothing I wear. Plus, it's nice to feel accountable and to get that sense of satisfaction about sticking to something. I'm lovingly forcing myself to prioritize my health (which is something I've been neglecting for a long time). One of these days, I'll get myself to the gym... maybe once the snow melts.

who what wear target
Outfit Details
Polka dot sweatshirt: Target (Who What Wear)
Black skirt: similar  ||  Belt: similar
Slouchy beret: similar  || Dog necklace: similar
Black flats: DSW (Sketchers)

polka dot retro top
Have a great start to your week!


  1. This is from TARGET!? Well, hot damn! I need one! I love the sleeves and it's SO cute with the beret! Yep - totally beatnik AND cozy!

  2. Oh my gosh, this outfit is SO CUTE! I adore the beatnik vibes! I hope the snow slacks off for you and you can get out more. I get tired of the cold SO fast. Spring can't come quick enough!



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