Monday, October 8, 2018

Summer Nostalgia with RetroViewer

mint bicycle
Credit for all photos: Emma Rizzo 
I know it's already October, but I'm still playing catch-up from the summertime... and I couldn't leave out this set of photos that Emma captured. We've made a lot of memories together, but this is definitely one photoshoot I won't soon forget. We were both good sports on this day, seeing as it was insanely humid and the mosquitoes were out for blood. I got SO many bites in the short amount of time we were out taking these (and was miserable for several days afterwards!). But it was definitely worth it to finally get some pictures with my mint green bicycle, a bouquet of dahlias from Flowerwell, and a fantastic keepsake that I'll talk about below!

image 3d retroviewer
flowerwell rochester ny dahlias
retroviewer cool vintage photo gift

Do you remember playing with ViewFinders when you were a kid? I definitely do. I had a bunch of them (they might still be somewhere in my parents' basement!) and used them all the time. So when Image3D reached out to me to make my own RetroViewer – their reel-viewer that you can customize yourself – I was struck by what an incredible idea it was. I was able to upload my own photos, customize with filters and text, and even choose the color of my RetroViewer.
create your retroviewer
Here's what the reel looks like when you're satisfied with your selections!
The process is SUPER easy and the shipping was surprisingly fast. The final product was even cuter than I anticipated! I included photos of my closest friends, but you could easily customize with photos of family members, coworkers, pets, your travels, and so much more. It's one of the coolest gift ideas I've seen in a while. If you're stumped on what to get someone for the holidays or an upcoming birthday, I think this is a truly unique way to show someone you care. Full disclosure: I did receive this product for free, but I seriously cannot say enough good things about it.

dahlia bouquet
retroviewer image3d
mint green bicycle vintage
mint green gingham dress
Outfit Details
Necklace: similar  ||  Flats: Aerosoles
Handkerchief: similar  ||  Bicycle: Huffy
Bouquet: Flowerwell
RetroViewer: c/o Image3D

retro girl with bicycle
pastel dahlia bouquet
vintage bicycle with flowers
gingham dress

Really, one of the things I love about blogging in general is that it grants me the ability to capture a lot of memories. Sometimes, I feel a lot of pressure to do that, which is hard when time seems to be moving so quickly. I finally went apple picking over the weekend and did a little bit of fall decorating, but I still need to get some mums and some pumpkins! Fall is a busy time of year anyway, but I'm also trying to get ready to go on my birthday vacation(!) at the end of the month. I forget if I mentioned this, but I'll be in Disney World for my 30th birthday! It's finally starting to sink in... and I have lots to do before we leave – like get all my Halloween posts ready and put together my outfits for the trip. It's fun stuff to take care of though, rather than stuff I'd dread, so that always helps. :)

pastel pink bouquet
vintage bike
Have a great start to your week!


  1. Awww these photos are so adorable. Love how you match the bike and viewfinder oh so perfectly! I had these growing up too (loved how they were bright red!) - nothing beats the clicking sound they made!

  2. This outfit is adorable! And, yes, I do remember ViewMasters! And this is such a neat thing!



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