Thursday, December 21, 2017

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pastel christmas

I've been showcasing quite a few traditional-colored Christmas outfits here on the blog, but today's post is all about the pastels. It's very fitting, considering the color of my perfect little tree this year. I don't normally take photos indoors, but between the weather, limited time, and wanting to show off this pastel pink goodness, I decided to quickly snap some photos in my living room. You can't really see all of my holiday decorations here (and I have very few wrapped presents under the tree, as you can tell), but I still wanted to share a bit of my home with you – as well as some photos of this adorable little two-piece Christmas set.

violets in may christmas etsy
mint green christmas dress
pink tree pusheen ornament
Tree topper: West Elm  //  Pusheen ornament: similar   //  Bike ornament: Anthropologie 
I've admired Violets in May for quite some time now but never had a chance to place an order until recently. When I saw this minty green top and skirt (yes, they're separates!) with its little candy canes, bows, and pom-poms, I had to order it immediately. I'm kind of between sizes right now, so I actually ordered a size up; I'd rather have something too big than too small, since I figured I could always belt the skirt. As it turned out, the skirt fits perfectly, but the top is actually a bit too roomy (which never happens). Although it's not super noticeable, I think I'll probably get it tailored in the future just for comfort's sake. I love that you can wear the straps crossed in front if you want to, but I opted to wear it in the halter style for these photos.

mint christmas outfit
pinup pastel christmas
pink christmas tree
Outfit Details
Peppermint Holiday Two-Piece Set: Violets In May
Shoes: Irregular Choice  ||  Hair Flower: Stardust Dames

irregular choice icely festive
Remember I said I had another colorway in this shoe style? I couldn't resist these icy heels!
We did our writing team white elephant gift exchange at work today, and tonight I'll be wrapping presents and baking cookies at my parents' house (and hopefully watching a holiday movie). I can hardly believe that Christmas Eve is this Sunday. That's when we actually do the bulk of our family celebrations. I know that's not typical for most families, but I actually love Christmas Eve way more than Christmas Day! I have one more holiday-themed outfit to post, which will go up either sometime this weekend or on Monday morning... so if you happen to be waiting with bated breath, stay tuned. ;)

pinup christmas
Have a great rest of your week!


  1. Christmas Eve is when we do the majority of our holiday traditions and gift exchanges etc. too. Merry Christmas!

  2. This is adorable - often forget how wintry the color mint is! And it just REQUIRED photos by this pink tree!!

  3. This dress is soooo cute! And I would have bought both colorways as well!



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