Monday, October 16, 2017

Mime Time

mime time trashy diva

I'd wager that most of you know how much I love a good novelty print. I think Trashy Diva kills it every time with theirs, particularly because they're often recreations of actual vintage prints. Their recent "Mime Time" collection is pretty near and dear to my heart – not only because it's quirky and theatrical, but because TD also donated a portion of the proceeds from this range to the NOCCA Institute (a high school arts conservatory in Louisiana). Anything that allows me to add a pretty new dress to my wardrobe and support the arts at the same time is a total win in my book.

trashy diva ruby middy dress
bicycle dress
mime time dress trashy diva

I actually wasn't sold on this print initially, perhaps due to the olive green background. It's not a hue to which I'd normally be drawn, but it really grew on me. I don't have anything else like this in my closet, and I love that it's such a great transitional piece. Although I love several of the cuts in this collection, I chose the Ruby Middy. (The Tuxedo style is so great and I hope they use it in future collections!) This style is really comfy and I just adore the little buttons down the front!

trashy diva bicycle dress
penny farthing dress
mime time dress
Outfit Details
Ruby Middy Dress in Mime Time: Trashy Diva
Lavender hat: similar  ||  Toni Pons wedges: available here

trashy diva dress

I start rehearsals tonight for the musical I'm in. I'm excited, albeit a little bit nervous about how I'm going to juggle everything. It'll be good to sing again and I'm thinking that having a more normal work schedule will be good for me, too. At the very least, it'll keep me from constantly snacking on my couch! :)

Have a great start to your week!

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  1. That dress is so cute! And I love the way you styled it. It's also super awesome that they donate money to the arts every time someone purchases one of these dresses. It's PERFECT for you!

    Good luck with rehearsals and your musical!


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