Wednesday, August 2, 2017


trashy diva carnival annette
Photo credit: Emma Rizzo
How lucky am I to have a lovely and talented friend like Emma who's willing to indulge me and document my little Rochester adventures? I've been meaning to post these photos (many of which were taken by Emma) for quite a while now, but it's been hard to muster up the energy to edit them. That might sound silly, but it really does require energy and concentration, both of which I'm usually lacking after a long day. But since I'm headed off to New Orleans with Ashley today(!!!), I thought it was the perfect time to debut this fantastic NOLA-themed dress from Trashy Diva.

trashy diva dress
rochester george eastman museum
Photo credit (above): Emma Rizzo
new orleans dress

This was actually my first Annette dress after purchasing one years ago and returning it (which I now regret because it's now a highly coveted design). As you all know, I love a good novelty print... but I was initially worried that this might be a little much. I actually ended up loving it in person and also love that the skirt provides a bit more *poof* than most of Trashy Diva's designs. My one regret with this dress is that I didn't size up. It zips, but it's definitely a bit tighter than I'd like. (I guess one option would be to lose a bit of my own *poof*, which I'm trying to do anyway.) Lesson learned: if you're between sizes, keep in mind that cotton voile doesn't provide stretch when ordering!

emma rizzo photo
Photo credit: Emma Rizzo
trashy diva annette dress
Photo credit: Emma Rizzo
novelty print trashy diva
Photo credit: Emma Rizzo
I'm so excited to go on this vacation with Ashley and I can't wait to do lots of shopping – mostly at TD! We're both eager to try on styles we're usually too afraid to try out when we order online. Basically, we planned our entire trip around shopping and food. If you want to live vicariously, keep an eye on our Instagram feeds! I'm sure we'll be updating throughout our time in NOLA.

george eastman gardens
Photo credit: Emma Rizzo
trashy diva carnival
trashy diva annette
Outfit Details
Carnival Annette Dress: Trashy Diva
Boater Hat: Pinup Girl Clothing
Jessica Simpson Flats: Amazon

emma rizzo photography rochester ny
Photo credit: Emma Rizzo
lilacs rochester ny
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. What a fun trip! And OF COURSE it's planned around shopping and food! Duh! Love it and will definitely be keeping an eye on Insta!

  2. Shopping and food?! Sounds like my NOLA trips! Have fun and enjoy every bite!

  3. Absolutely love this print <3 The colour combination is gorgeous and it looks amazing on you. I wish you a lot of fun in New Orleans! ~<3
    x Angel /


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