Monday, June 5, 2017

Lilacs and Violets

retrospec'd norma jean sweet violet dress

There are a few reasons I'm so excited to finally share these photos today: 1) I'm obsessed with this Retrospec'd dress 2) these photos capture my favorite time of year (lilac time!) and 3) I got the chance to shoot with my friend Emma, whose photos I've included among my own. Not only is Emma a great photographer, but she's become a dear friend since she was hired as one of our content writers. She's truly wonderful to work with and I can't wait to do more with her this summer. Be sure to check out the Emma Rizzo Photo website for more of her work!

violet flower print dress
emma rizzo photo
Photo credit: Emma Rizzo
lilacs highland park rochester ny
lilacs rochester ny
retrospec'd dress

It's official: I have a new favorite retro reproduction brand. Retrospec'd has some of the highest quality dresses I've seen in a long time, and their prints are to die for. I actually received this dress as a Christmas present from my mom, but I decided to save it for the spring. It's quickly become one of my favorite dresses and now I'm on a mission to get my hands on as much Retrospec'd as possible!

lilacs highland park rochester
violet print dress retrospec'd
lilacs rochester
emma rizzo photography
Photo credit: Emma Rizzo
Outfit Details
Norma Jean Sweet Violets Dress: Retrospec'd
Necklace: vintage (get it here or here)
Flats: Aerosoles

violet dress

Special thanks to Emma for taking the time to share her talents on this shoot! You can stay up-to-date on her (and our) adventures by giving her photography Facebook page a like! ;) Have a great start to your week!


  1. Oh it's SO fun to have a friend snap some photos for you, isn't it? I love taking my own but sometimes, it's just a nice change and can be a bit more productive as you can focus on posing and not worry about the camera! I love that anyway!

    I am starting to really love Retrospec'd - they make SUCH good quality items!! This dress is lovely! I might have audibly gasped when I opened this post!! Great pick and yay for getting it for Christmas! Score!!

  2. Yes Retrospec'd is one of my favorite brands, they do have some gorgeous prints and dress styles for sure!
    I really love this dress, the lilac print is so beautiful! xo


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