Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cherry Bomb

stop staring summer swing dress

As much as I love pastels, I'm powerless to resist a red-hot dress. And this one might honestly be the best one I've ever owned. I'd never had a chance to try out anything from Stop Staring! before, but I'm so glad I gave this dress a whirl. The quality is truly top-notch and it's one of those dresses that makes me feel like a million bucks. I absolutely love the silhouette and the millennium stretch fabric gives this dress the perfect fit while still being completely comfortable.

stop staring! red dress
red vintage retro dress

I tend to fall for dresses that give a good mix of sexy and demure, so it's no surprise that I can't wait to wear this again for a summer date night! I'm already thinking of all the ways I could style it. For this post, I opted for cherry accents (really, just an excuse to wear some of my favorite heels of all time), but I have so many pieces that would work well with this. Dresses like these that me excited to get creative with my wardrobe!

stop staring dress
cherry necklace
retro red dress pinup

I was a bit concerned about sizing, since I'd never owned anything by Stop Staring before. I actually ended up sizing up on this dress and I think it fits well. Because of the stretch, I might have been able to fit in my regular size, but since I quite like breathing and being able to wear undergarments, I think sizing up was the way to go for now. It's very easy for me to get caught up on what size I wear, but I always try to remember that no one sees the tag but me! When a garment fits well, you'll feel more confident and comfortable, and people will be able to see you for you (and not for your too-small clothing). Of course, the goal is to feel confident no matter what... but I find that a killer dress can make you feel invincible!

stop staring
summertime swing dress stop staring
Outfit Details
Summertime Swing Dress: c/o Stop Staring!
Cherry necklace: Riot Ruby (similar)
Shoes: Melissa x Vivenne Westwood (similar)

melissa vivienne westwood cherry heels

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. I have a few things from Stop Staring, and while their consistency with stretch fabric varies, I still love the pieces I have. Also your shoes are just too adorable!



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