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Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Beauty

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I'm long overdue for a book review post! I used to do them fairly regularly, but between work and other obligations, the idea of reading for pleasure has definitely fallen by the wayside. That's why I couldn't be more thrilled to finally review this absolutely enchanting book – Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Beauty.

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Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Beauty is a true delight. It's filled with photographs of sirens of the silver screen, as well as vintage makeup ads and even some contemporary references. It's the kind of text you can leaf through at your leisure or study with intent. The book's gorgeous layout alone would be enough for me to thoroughly enjoy it, but it's filled with tons of helpful tips from famous movie icons and beauty experts, too. Some of them might be a bit too dated even for the most dedicated of pinups to embrace, but surprisingly, many of mirror today's trends (i.e., contouring, using products you'd find in your cupboard for beauty treatments, etc.).

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One of the passages I love most is actually in the introductory section:

Today, of course, 'vintage' has become the most wonderfully eclectic kind of umbrella term – to be embraced in whichever manner you chose. We can even mix styles and eras – why not? Vintage style is all about cherry-picking looks and techniques from the past and incorporating them into your own life. How you wear them is entirely up to you – it's your style, after all. 

This really speaks to me, as I've never liked the idea of feeling restricted when it comes to fashion or beauty. I love taking a little bit from all different kinds of styles to come up with something that's uniquely mine. Above all else, I think fashion and beauty should be fun, and while there are some "rules" that I like to follow because I think they make me feel my best, by no means do I think those are always going to be right for other people. And while I think vintage beauty regimens might have been a bit more strict than what we have today (maybe simply due to the sheer variety and the increased access we now have to find it), there are definitely parallels between those guidelines and the ones we tend to follow now.

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Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Beauty also proves that everything is cyclical. The ultra-thin eyebrows that women sported in the 1920s came back into fashion at the beginning of the new millennium. Highlighting and contouring were practices favored by Marlene Dietrich and Sophia Loren, and we all know how popular those have once again become. And while I think there was too much emphasis on correcting one's features that might be outside the "accepted standards" of beauty at that time, Instagram and YouTube beauty vloggers are forever astounding us with the transformative nature of makeup.

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Personally, I'm not good with retro hairdos, and although I'm decent at doing vintage-inspired makeup, I know there's always something to learn. Of all the retro beauty books I own, this was definitely one of the most enjoyable (and least daunting) to read. If you want to start including some of these tips into your beauty routine – or if you simply want to be dazzled by some lovely photos – you can find Vintage Secrets: Hollywood Beauty here!

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. To read some of my previous book review posts, click here!

Do you have a favorite vintage beauty trick? Or are there any beauty or vintage style books you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments!

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