Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Twin Peaks

pinup girl clothing long jun plaid

I just missed Twin Peaks Day (it's February 24th), but this skirt reminds me so much of all the movies and TV shows I love from the 1980s and '90s. It's a mix of Audrey Horne, the Heathers, and Clueless – what more could you want? Plus, it looks totally at-home in this nature park. I'm actually not in love with this outfit as a whole (I wish I wore a different top), but I really love the skirt and can't wait to style it in other ways. It's super comfortable and the quality is great, too!

green plaid skirt
green plaid
green plaid pinup skirt

The weather for the past couple of weeks has been pretty mild and spring-like, but I'm not totally convinced that we've seen the last of winter. Fingers crossed that it's over, though! I have a feeling I'll be stuck inside for most of this week, so I'm planning on listing a bunch of clothes for sale in my Shop My Closet store very soon. Keep an eye out over the next couple of days!

pinup girl clothing long jun skirt
Outfit Details
Cardigan: similar || Tank top: similar
Boots: Steve Madden (similar)

plaid skirt

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I love this! And now I am really sad I missed Twin Peaks Day haha

  2. Ahh! I totally saw the outfit and immediately thought of the Heathers! Love that movie. I am not usually a fan of plaid but I love the colors in this skirt. It's so cute! The boots were a great choice as well!

  3. I love the colours! The outfit reminds me of Heathers so much!

  4. That skirt is AMAZING! And I didn't even know there was a Twin Peaks day, now I'm so sad I missed it too! You look so pretty here. I love how the whole outfit comes together.

  5. I missed out on Twin Peaks Day entirely!!! Mainly due to other things going on. And my friend recently made me a Twin Peaks skirt even.

    Your outfit is darling!


  6. I am in love with this skirt and enjoy seeing the boots + skirt combo too. But must sadly confess I'm not sure what Twin Peaks is... I've a vague idea its an 80s movie but.... missed this cultural icon somehow...

  7. Love this outfit! These colors are all so perfect together and I love how you kept the top simple with the tank and cardigan-- it really goes well with the wilderness theme of the photos <3


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