Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Martian Woman

unique vintage skirt

When Erstwilder released their galactic collection, the "Deep Space Donna" design particularly spoke to me, and here is why: I think I've mentioned before that my parents were in a band in the 1980s, and released an album on Atlantic Records. I used to listen to their songs when I was little, and although one of their music videos appeared on MTV, one of my favorite songs of theirs was a wacky tune called "Martian Woman," about an alien lady who comes to Earth and has trouble fitting in. It's so delightfully weird, and (because I learned from the best) my mom used to dress up in iridescent green outfits when she'd perform it. It was too hot to wear her jacket from those days in these photos, but I'm carrying it in one of these photos as an homage. Her outfit looked a little like what "Donna" is wearing in my brooch!

hell bunny striped top
erstwilder deep space donna
unique vintage vivien skirt

I decided to go for an 80s-does-50s vibe with this outfit: classic black and white with pops of pink. I've been on the hunt for more basics lately, because I don't have a ton of them in my wardrobe and they're realistically more versatile than my loud prints. This Vivien skirt from Unique Vintage is a great piece for almost anything. It doesn't require a petticoat, and I can easily throw it on and go if I need to look put-together in a hurry. I had initially planned to take these photos in front of one of the few murals I've found in Rochester... but between terrible lighting and a heckling from a bunch of d-bags, those plans went awry.  It's always a bit of a bummer when a plan for a post doesn't quite pan out, but at least I'm finding new places to take photos (and I'm closer to most of them now that I live in the city)!

The Soubrette Brunette: Martian Woman
hell bunny striped top unique vintage
unique vintage
Outfit Details
Striped top: c/o Unique Vintage
Black Vivien Swing Skirt: c/o Unique Vintage
Deep Space Donna brooch: c/o Erstwilder
Kate Spade flats: 6pm (on sale!)
Hair scarf: Amazon

erstwilder galactic
"I've made such a long trip in my shiny new ship
Just wait 'til you see how much fun it can be
With a martian woman!"


  1. That pin is too cute for words! <3

  2. So cool that your parents were in a band in the 80's! The Martian Woman song sounds really fun and I love that your mom would go out on stage in that green iridescent outfit <3. Love your 80's does 50's look. I recently put together an 80's does 50's look in my most recent blog post too. <3 What can I say, great minds :) Sorry about the hecklers! But man, how great does the donna brooch look against that iridescent green jacket! :D


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