Wednesday, August 24, 2016


pinup girl clothing vamp top polka dot

One thing about being a fashion blogger is that it can be really tough to silence the little voice in my head that tempts me to buy all the things. I tend to get excited about wearing or reviewing freshly acquired pieces here, and sometimes I get carried away. I have to admit that I do enjoy showing off my new purchases, and I don't especially like repeating myself, probably out of fear of boring my readers. That's silly, I know. I've always tried to be better at remixing the items in my closet, and rationally, I know that showcasing that would probably make me seem more authentic and relatable (ah, blogger buzzwords!). And although I've definitely cut down on how much I spend on my clothes, there's still that compulsive urge that eggs me on, and tells me that I need that new dress...

mel by melissa wedges

The closet in my new apartment actually collapsed over the weekend (sob!), and it got me thinking even more about something that's crossed my mind lately: I really need to get a handle on the emotional attachment I have to my clothes. Fashion is incredibly personal, and there's a reason why I feel so connected to the clothes I wear: namely, they serve as my creative outlet and bring me infinite amounts of joy. But I definitely need to practice letting go of the things that don't instantly provide those things for me. Letting go is hard. I have difficulty with it in most aspects of my life, to be honest. I'm a pack rat, and it's hard for me to get rid of things if I think I might use or need them one day, or if I'm afraid I might miss them. But enough is enough. I've been facing some of my fears this summer, and frankly, it's been the season of Getting Shit Done. So it's definitely time to clear out what I truly don't need, and keep only the pieces around that make me without-a-doubt happy. Once I go through everything, I'll be listing a TON of pieces in my Shop My Closet store, so keep your eyes peeled.

julie mollo retroversible skirt
pinup girl vamp top
pinup couture vamp top

Neither of these pieces is super new, but I've never worn the top here before. It's still available at PUG, but I bought it second-hand in a Facebook group because I can't resist the vamp tops (I have most of the colorways at this point). I've worn this skirt on the blog before, though – it's the Retroversible skirt by Julie Mollo. She's having a huge sale at the moment, and I have to stop myself from getting the lavender/gingham one (remember, Sammi: you don't even have a functional closet right now!!!). I honestly just wanted to dress like a ladybug when I took these photos. So I did. No matter how many articles of clothing I may or may not have, I always want to have fun with fashion. :)

polka dot top
Outfit Details
Retroversible Circle Skirt: c/o Julie Mollo
Vamp Top: available at Pinup Girl Clothing
Melissa wedges: similar
Belt: from another dress
Necklace: similar

julie mollo

Have a wonderful Wednesday! Oh, and by the way: the winner of my giveaway with Le Bomb Shop has been chosen! Congratulations to Ruby and a big thank you to everyone who entered!


  1. This outfit is spot on. The colors look amazing on you! That top is to die for. Definitely checking your shop in the near future for the new additions!
    Those shoes...those die for. Mary Jane styles and red sucker me in.
    Click your heels three times if you're ever lost and need to get home. Hehe.

  2. I sometimes feel the way you do about blogging repeat items. Something to remember, though, is your audience is ever changing. I bet you get new readers every dang day! So an outfit you shared a year ago? The new readers of this year won't even know it was on here before! So if you decide to wear something again in a new way - no one will probably know! And those who do? Psssh we just love seeing your gorgeous self looking pretty and hearing all about your adventures ;)

  3. Love the color combo.


  4. Ah you look so cute in your ladybug outfit! The shoes... they had me drooling, they're so pretty.
    I feel the same way about clothes. I get attached to them and fear that I will need it one day (even though I might never wear it).
    Anyway, hope you're having a great week.
    Much love,

  5. Love the ladybug top, Sammi. Sometimes I read your blog and think "Wow, you never wear the same thing twice!" It would be great to see a more authentic side of your style, and it's great that you're taking that step to get rid of things that you no longer need, or that you don't find enjoy. Over the past few months, I have been careful to limit my spending on clothing, and only buy things that I really, really adore. It can be tricky, but I'm finding that I'm able to save more that way :)

  6. Oh my I really love those red wedges you're wearing! They especially look great with your lovely top! :)

  7. I cannot relate to this post more! I have the worst time letting go of clothes especially since I find years down the road pining so hard for some of the things I've passed on. Hopefully with time we will all just get better with being able to predict the items we will still want in a few years vs the ones we truly will never miss. Lovely outfit! And so sorry to hear about your closet! The same thing just happened to me too a few months back! :O

  8. Oh my stars, yes!!! I frequently feel that way, too, and then, with the very next breath (er, thought) am brought back down to from my heady shopping spree filled daydreams by the very stark reality of my immensely modest personal budget (and the fact that I have a wardrobe that I adore already). Fortunately though, the longer one blogs (and holds on to some or all of their wardrobe), the more options you have to repeat garments and accessories styled in new ways. Not quite the same as an entirely new purchase, but often no less enjoyable, IMO.

    This is such a fun + alluring pretty outfit. Ladybugs are the bestest! :)

    Have a fabulous weekend,
    ♥ Jessica


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