Monday, July 11, 2016

Sunhats & Sunflowers

hell bunny sunflower dress

Sunflowers are one of my favorite blooms to have around. They're just so cheerful! This is my second sunflower printed dress (it actually has two of my favorite flowers – sunflowers and daisies), and I couldn't wait until late summer to wear it here on the blog. It's actually an older Hell Bunny dress, but I'd been wanting it for quite some time and hadn't had much luck finding it until now. It's the perfect match for this sunflower Erstwilder brooch, and my mom was sweet enough to get me a little sunflower bouquet to make me smile.

sunflower dress
sunflower print
sunflower print dress
erstwilder sunflower brooch
sunflower dresses
Outfit Details
Hell Bunny sunflower dress: swap group (similar here + here)
Sumptuous Sunflower brooch: c/o Erstwilder
Boater hat: Pinup Girl Clothing
Flats: similar


Today is the first day of my new job, and I'm pretty anxious about it, but optimistic. I've said it before, but it's really scary to venture into brand new territory. This week is going to be crazy-busy; I'm moving into my new apartment this weekend, so between getting adjusted to working full-time and packing and everything else, I'm probably going to be stressed out and perhaps not able to blog as much as I'd like – but I have to believe it'll all work out and will be great in the end. Thank you to all of you who have offered words of encouragement and advice – it's been wonderful to have your support.

boater hat


  1. Good luck today!!! You got this and will kick butt today - I know you're in a cute outfit, too ;)

    Oh and the overload of sunflower awesomeness in this post is just perfection!!!! LOVE IT!

  2. This has to be one of my favorite dresses by Hell Bunny, I love the sunflower print on the blue and the white detailing! You look beautiful in this dress! xo

  3. The best of luck for today! You'll do great! You look awesome and beautiful! That dress was made for you.
    Hope you'll have a great first week at work. Thinking of you.
    Much love,

  4. Such a lovely, cheerful outfit. I'm wild about sunflowers, too, and bought this same Erswilder brooch. I actually just wore it for my b-day this past Sunday, however we got hit with tons of rain again, so I wasn't able to photograph my birthday outfit this year. Oh well, that just gives me the perfect excuse to sport it again later this season on a sunny day.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  5. So cute Sammi! That that was so sweet of your mom getting you the bouquet! I hope the first week of the new job went well and I hope moving goes well this weekend!


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