Wednesday, June 22, 2016


trashy diva lucy red gingham

Apparently, this past Saturday was International Picnic Day, so I felt it was a fairly appropriate time to finally post these pretty picnicking photos (better late than never)! My best friend Wayne and I decided to have a picnic in Highland Park a few weeks back, right at the end of lilac season. Rochester has a huge lilac festival every year, and Highland Park is the best place to go when they're in bloom (they have over 500 different varieties!); they're my favorite flower (peonies come in at a close second), and being surrounded by their beautiful scent whilst snacking on delicious treats was such a delightful way to spend the afternoon.

trashy diva dress
red gingham dress
trashy diva
picnic basket
lucy dress trashy diva

To be honest, I'll use any excuse to have a picnic, and finally getting the chance to wear this Trashy Diva dress was a much better excuse than most. My parents surprised me with this beauty when they returned from their recent trip to New Orleans, and it's seriously one of the most flattering dresses I own. I love the features of this "Lucy" style: the oversized pockets, the adjustable tie straps, the cute buttons, the fit, and of course, the gingham print! Red gingham is an obvious choice for a picnic outing, and I finished off this subtly thematic look with my picnic basket purse and Erstwilder soda pop brooch.

trashy diva gingham
erstwilder brooch
red gingham dress retro
Outfit Details
Lucy Dress in Red Gingham: Trashy Diva
Sal's Soda Pop Brooch: c/o Erstwilder
Picnic basket purse: Accessorize
Boater hat: similar
Shoes: Aerosoles

trashy diva lucy

I'm finding out that "adulting" is no picnic. This is going to be a bit of a transitional kind of summer for me. I'm most likely going to be accepting an offer for a new job this week, and then I'll be moving out and living on my own. It's definitely time, but it's scary. But I'll never get anywhere new if I don't push myself outside my comfort zone, and I've been putting off having an actual adult life for too long. I tend to question my own capabilities a lot, but I guess none of us knows what we're doing at first. I've always been a little behind everyone else in reaching certain milestones – there's nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but you have to know when it's time to leave the nest and fly on your own, even when it might feel safer to stay. And I guess this little bird just needs to trust that she knows how to flap her wings and find her own way.



  1. What a gorgeous outfit! The dress and the bag are too cute for words.

  2. Oh my stars, your picnic basket purse is off-the-charts adorable. Love to the nth degree! Fabulous outfit all the way and what a wonderfully nice looking picnic spread, too.

    Here's wishing you many more fun outings like this throughout the summer!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Hi! I love your dress! A gingham dress is on my wish list! I lived at home until I was 23 so I know how you feel about getting out of your comfort zone! It's been almost 10 years now and I wouldn't change it for anything! Plus it helps I have my cat to keep me company! Best of luck in your new journey!


    Maggie AKA Margie Mae

  4. Wow love your dress and accessories and picnic treats, I want to go on a picnic! :)

  5. Omg that dress and purse are perfect! The Erstwilder brooch looks so good with this look too... Now I am hungry looking at your picnic food! :P

  6. So sweet of your parents to pick this dress up for you! They totally hit the nail on the head picking out this dress. So perfect on you! And I love your picnic! I want to go on a picnic! <3 **summer goals!!** :D It's totally a scary thing moving out but it can also be an amazing thing. Good luck with all your transitions this summer! I hope they will all work out great! :)

  7. This outfit is too cute for words! Plus a dress with pockets!? Bonus! Also, this matching picnic basket purse!?

    Good luck with everything this summer! It can be scary, but also super exciting!


  8. A beautiful dress that goes so well with your accessories. I have to say that picnic bag is perfect! <3

    Good luck at moving out! I've been living on my own/with my boyfriend for like 7 years, but I still don't feel like a proper adult even though I'll be turning 27 on September. At times I can and will act mature, but most of the time I'm still the same as prior to moving out, so don't worry about "adulting". I worked with a 49 year old guy who was around the same mental age as me and we argued like teenagers :D He was actually more childish than me in some aspects and said that it was ok, as long as you can be an adult in the things that REALLY matter (doing your job well, paying bills in time etc.). That gave me a lot of hope - you don't have to force yourself to grow up to be something you're not, just because everyone else is "adulting" :) x

  9. You look gorgeous.

    Good luck with all the changes! Change is often exciting and scary in equal measures, but I know you'll manage it all with aplomb.

  10. LOVING this outfit. The dress is just perfect and the purse is the cutest thing I've seen. Lovely photos in this post, and also - everyone should go in their own pace. You can do it! It's usually scary, but it will work out in the end!
    Much love,


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