Wednesday, May 11, 2016


banned apparel skirt

I'll start out by saying that this ended up being one of my favorite outfit posts in a while. This rockabilly record skirt by Banned Apprel really encapsulates my kitschy, retro sense of style, and I'm obsessed with the vamp tops from Pinup Girl Clothing. Even though I love my pastels, for some reason, my red-and-black ensembles end up being the ones I like the most – maybe because they're still fun but have a slight sexiness to them.

rockabilly skirt
pinup girl vamp top
record music print skirt

Because the Banned website is for wholesale retailers only, I had to search a little bit until I found a site that was carrying this adorable skirt. Viva Dulce Marina (or VDM) carries a bunch of brands I really like, including Banned. I ordered according to the size chart that VDM provided (which was spot-on), and it's safe to say that this skirt runs big. I ordered the medium in both this and another Banned skirt, and they fit perfectly. The material is a lightweight cotton – which is great for summer! – but it's stiff enough that it holds a nice shape with a petticoat underneath. Although this skirt will pair nicely with a number of tops I own, I absolutely love the vamp tops because they have great structure (I'm able to wear them without a bra if I need to) and they give a great silhouette. I know I'll get a ton of wear out of both pieces, and I can't wait to style them in different ways!

1950s skirt
rockabilly skirt banned
retro skirt
Outfit Details
Banned Record Hop Skirt: ShopVDM
Vamp Top in Black: Pinup Girl Clothing
Name necklace: c/o oNecklace
Flats: similar

Have a great day!


  1. Such a great skirt, black and red looks amazing on you! Your curls look so gorgeous too x

  2. Yay!! Skirt twins! This is one of my favorite new skirts, too! It definitely runs big, which is great to note for this brand so folks know not to order their usual size. I've worn black with it too but I wonder if other colors would complement this skirt well, too!?

    1. Yayy twinnies! I love it with black, though white would look great, and probably gray would too. It's such a statement piece that I'd be wary of trying it with too many other colors, but I bet teal would look really pretty!

  3. I LOVE this skirt!! I saw this on SaraLily not too long ago too, and absolutely am obsessed with it, I'll need to buy it! You look gorgeous as always!

  4. This outfit is perfect! I've been eyeing up the Vamp tops for a while, but have been so nervous about the bust. Did you take your regular PUG size? I'm just worried that the under bust seam won't actually fit under my bust, or that it'll be super low-cut on me! I'm not especially daring in the cleavage department.

    1. Hey Emily! I did take my regular PUG size in the vamp top. The under-bust seam doesn't QUITE sit under my bust, but you can't really tell here. It is low-cut on me (not as low as the peasant tops though, actually) and does show a lot of cleavage, so it's definitely not a daytime look... but it's seriously my new favorite top and I'm getting the new colors when they come out!

  5. Oh wow love this skirt by Banned! I just wish they had their own website to buy from! :)

  6. You are just so stunning oh my gosh! In love with the print on this skirt <3


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