Monday, January 25, 2016

Sunflower, good morning

bernie dexter sunflower dress

It's way past sunflower season, but I think there's something very cheery about wearing florals in winter. Sunflowers always put a smile on my face (they remind me of my mom), especially when there's snow on the ground. I actually wasn't sold on this dress initially, but after seeing it on Ashley, I decided I needed it (Ashley seems to do that a lot)! I'm really glad I changed my mind on this dress, because I'm going to wear the hell out of it. Despite the fact that all of my Bernie Dexter "Paris" cuts fit slightly differently, they're still my favorite – and I end up wearing them year-round.

bernie dexter paris dress
sunflower print
sunflower dress

I spent the better part of last week sick in bed, but I'm finally feeling better. Luckily, last week was a relatively slow one for me, as it was my time off between my last show and the rehearsals that start tonight for my next one. I guess if I had to pick a time to get sick, that was it! Other than that, I'm glad that we didn't get hit with the blizzard a lot of other people are experiencing (though we already have lots of snow – much more than you see here – and snowstorms are business as usual for us)... but it's been plenty cold, so I've been holed up inside like everyone else!

sunflower print dress
sunflower dresses
bernie dexter dress
Outfit Details
Paris Sunflower Dress: Bernie Dexter
Sweetie Sweater in Black: Heart of Haute
Opal necklace: gift (old)
Shoes: ModCloth

Have a great start to your week (and stay warm)!


  1. u r beautiful))
    like your dress

  2. Being a copycat is so fun - you see a dress on a fellow blogging buddy and its then that you're like "DEFINITELY getting it now." Haha sometimes it really does look better on a body vs on a screen! This is super cute on you (as it was on Ashley!) and I, too, love florals in winter. Screw the "rules" that say only some fabrics are right for each season!

  3. How cheerily lovely for dark January days! Thank you for the sunshine! x

  4. You look so gorgeous in this dress, it definitely has me dreaming for the summer. I hope you're feeling better!

  5. Hope you're better! Gorgeous Bernie dress!!x

  6. I'm glad you're feeling better. You sure look friggin amazing! And that dress is beautiful!! It has always been a dream of mine to go to a sunflower fields!! Can I just say that your hair looks sooo amazingggg? I always think your hair is so perfect!

  7. Love this outfit! I wish I knew how you get your tie so right on your sweater! I can never get mine to tie so well! Love the shoes too! <3

    1. There's actually a sneaky little trick to it... it's a little hard to explain in words, but if you play with how you loop it when you're tying it (like if you loop under instead of over), it helps keep it the right way! It's too dumb to do a tutorial on, but I'm not sure how to describe it!

  8. That dress is such a welcome burst of colour in the midst of winter's mild palette and grey skies - plus, I rather adore how the sunflower pattern is strikingly similar to that of a cute little dress I had circa age ten (total walk down memory lane).

    ♥ Jessica


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