Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites #120

I'm really glad it's finally Friday. And I can't believe January is almost over! Here are a few things I've been loving this week... starting with the perfect Valentine's gifties to treat yo' self with:

valentine's day forever 21

a   ||   b   ||   c   ||   d   ||   e   ||   f   ||   g   ||   h   ||   i   ||   j

This brooch by Kate Gabrielle is pretty purrfect:
valentine brooch
I may have already ordered this suspender skirt from The Oblong Box Shop...
red suspender skirt

... And I kind of really want to pair it with this sweater!
poodle sweater

I need to take a trip just to have an excuse to get this weekender bag:
betsey johnson bag

This might be the sweetest lip gloss set in the entire world.
lip gloss set

And I <3 these flats!
asos heart flats

I'm all googly-eyed over these purses:
miss fluff bags
1   //   2   //   3

This looks like the coziest sweatshirt ever.
heart print sweater

And these lapel pins by Creature Type are adorable!
lapel pins
flipsville originals starburst dress

And this one, too:
polka dot dress modcloth

I love this vintage makeup tutorial! So fascinating.

These swimsuits have me dreaming about warmer weather (and also about baked goods):
cupcake donut swimsuit
a   ||   b   ||   c

Hats off to Aerie for this! It's awesome to see more "mainstream" brands embracing body positivity.

And for that matter, kudos to Mattel for finally introducing Barbie dolls with different body types and skin tones! (Though honestly, it took them long enough, and I think the "curvy" Barbies look pretty average-sized by actual human standards.)

Someone please get me these stuffed animal otters, please!
otter stuffed animals

And finally, this list is all too real for me!
Oh Jinkx, I love you.
Have a great weekend!

PS: Be sure to check back here on Monday for a very exciting post I promise you won't want to miss! :)

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  1. Aww Thank you sooo much for featuring my atomic print dress!

  2. "My heart belongs to my cat" is definitely for me! Love those flats, cat hoodie, and new pins from Creature Type!

    - Harlynn

  3. LOL that first cat brooch is adorable! I love it!

  4. All of these look so great. I want everything. XD

  5. Everything looks so awesome!
    The skirt is so lovely. And well, everyone needs flamingo shoes!

  6. You always find the damned cutest things. And these are all perfect for the upcoming season!

  7. It's hard to decide but I guess the first one ❤️


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