Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites #115

Ah, it's Friday again! My Christmas spirit is now in full swing. One of my favorite stores to visit during the holiday season is Anthropologie. Forgive me for basically including half of their holiday offerings in this post... but they're all so pretty! If I could just live inside an Anthropologie, I would. (Their decor and housewares sections are also surprisingly affordable, which is another reason why I love going there during this time of year!) This post contains a lot more than just their stuff, but I'm starting off with a bunch of Antho pieces I love...

These ornaments are gorgeous!
anthropologie ornaments
a   ||   b

When I have my own tree, it'll definitely have some pastel ornaments, but our current tree is mostly decorated in golds and greens. This ice skating ornament would be a great addition!
christmas ornament

These candles sound absolutely scrumptious.
anthropologie candle

These glass trees are so pretty:
christmas decorations

I love these pastel cake servers!
pastel cake servers

I might need to get some of these gingerbread house mug toppers...
mug toppers

And I don't even drink, but these jingle bell bottle stoppers are amazing!
jingle bell bottle stopper

I adore this gift tag set, too!
christmas gift tags

I kind of really want this tacky present sweater...
ugly christmas sweater
This Christmas stocking print dress is wonderful!
christmas dress

Party dress alert!
party dresses
a   ||   b   ||   c

This Christmas kitty brooch is everything!
i love crafty christmas kitten

I love this list of Christmas tumblr posts.

(image via)
This dress is absolutely stunning:
the pretty dress company
Wouldn't this star headband be lovely for Christmas Eve or NYE?
star headband

This Mary Poppins skirt is so cute!

Um... a bubble tea bag? Yes, please.
novelty bag

I've never even seen The Mindy Project (I know, I know), but after reading this, I think I should.
(image via)
I'm getting excited for the premiere of Downton Abbey's final season in January, and this clip of a few cast members doing a scene with American accents is so good:

This article about changing one's "default setting" from self-deprecating to confident really resonated with me. As someone who values humility, it's easy to not overdo it by under-valuing yourself and coming off as insecure. I'm adding this to my list of resolutions for 2016.
(image via)
And finally, doesn't this video speak to all of us?

Have a great Friday!

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  1. Your FF posts are always firm favourites of mine and this week's sensational holiday season sampler is no exception. I literally just added about 12 things to my own wishlist, very much including that darling I Love Crafty kitty brooch (aww!).

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I can totally see you in that Christmas stocking print dress! :D

  3. Star headband! I have seen a lot of star items lately and been wanting to increase my star-related goods... and those candles... I bet they smell lovely!


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