Wednesday, December 30, 2015


bernie dexter new year's eve dress

New Year's Eve is nearly upon us, and once again, I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing this year... but I do know what I'll be wearing! Initially, I wasn't crazy about this Bernie Dexter dress, but when I saw it on Ashley, I completely changed my mind. (Ashley seems to have that effect – I swear, she can sell anything!) Ironically enough, I don't drink at all these days, but I seem to gravitate towards NYE outfits that have an alcohol theme; last year's post featured a martini glass print dress, and the other options I considered for this year both had prints of tipsy elephants! I opted for champagne all around this year, and completed the theme with an amazing Kate Spade wristlet and vintage brooch.

new year's dress
kate spade cheers darling wristlet
champagne dress
vintage NYE look
new year's eve outfit

I'll be posting my annual outfit round-up on Friday, but I'm taking some time to reflect back on what I've achieved this year. I've said before that I sometimes beat myself up for not being where I want to be (or at least, where I thought I'd be by now), but I have to remember not to discount how far I've come in the last 365 days. I looked back at my 2015 resolutions, and I was surprised to see how many I was able to check off my list. Among them:
  • I made significant strides in my personal life and took a lot of time for myself (to the point where I can say that I've really gotten past most of the pain from my last relationship)
  • I left my old box office job and started working for my mom; while this may end up being a temporary change of pace, it was definitely a necessary change
  • I kept better track of my spending and have managed to put money away to save
  • I finally got my website up and running (check it out here – it's a work in progress)
  • I met Ashley and Kate in person this year (and had an awesome time), and by doing so, I went to NY and LA
  • I exceeded my blog follower goal and ventured outside my yard for photos
  • I went on Accutane and feel a million times better about my skin
  • Although I have a lot still to learn, my photography has improved quite a bit
I still have lots of goals that will transfer over to my 2016 resolution list (i.e., losing weight and exercising regularly, learning how to sew, buying a car), but I'd rather view that as making progress than "failure" in a conventional sense. I'm actually pretty happy with where I am right now, especially because I've started to enjoy things in the moment. Finding the joy is always one of my resolutions, and I think I've been really trying to do that lately.

champagne print dress
champagne brooch
bernie dexter dress
Outfit Details
New Year's Eve Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing 
(Also available here for 25% off with code 25Holiday)
Kate Spade wristlet: eBay (available here)
Heels: Zulily (also available here)
Hair flower: NicCoCo Creations
Cardigan: ModCloth (similar)
Brooch: eBay (exact here)

chelsea new year's eve dress in turquoise

Have a happy and safe New Year's Eve! I'll see you in 2016!


  1. Omg I can't get over this outfit - the purse and brooch are perfection! I love the last shot!! I was hoping to see you being a goof and taking a sip! Great outfit, girl! I love it!

  2. This is such a perfect New Years outfit! I love how you carried the champagne theme thorough to your amazing accessories! I hope you have a wonderful time, whatever you decide to do to celebrate!

  3. That dress is gorgeous and the whole look is. We are going to a swing dance ball for New Years eve so I an going to wear my wedding dress, white 1950's halter with turquoise stars on it for my outfit!!!
    Well done on all you've achieved this year, you've done well!!!x

  4. Oo how wonderful this outfit is! I love everything from the gold hairflower to the champagne bottle wristlet. How gorgeous. Our New Year's plans sort of fell through so we're planning on staying home just the two of us, dressing up and drinking champagne. That's fine by me! It sounds like 2015 was a year of achievement for you - I hope that continues in 2016, but more importantly, that you find the joy! That's what it's all about isn't it? Lots of love from Wales xx

  5. Okay, you absolutely WIN at the New Years themed outfits! This is just completely perfect! And gosh, Kate Spade does create some marvelous novelty purses, doesn't she?


  6. Happy New Year!! I just love this dress, so very appropriate for the New Years! xo

  7. Really, this has to be the most perfect New Year's Eve outfit ever. I'm smitten, swooning, and smiling all at the same time! :)

    Have a joyfully fantastic celebration, dear Sammi!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Such a perfect dress for a new years celebration! That champagne purse and brooch are ridiculously cute and perfect for finishing touches with that dress!

  9. Wow! This year has been one of a lot of accomplishments for you! Yay! Also- yes, this is a perfect dress for NYE!

    PS I like your website.

  10. Ah, I love it! I didn't even think of what to wear for New Year's until the actual day, but this would have been perfect. So pretty. I love your accessories.


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