Monday, November 16, 2015

Don't feed the plants

pinup girl clothing venus flytrap skirt

As an actress who performs primarily in musicals – and as someone who has recently embraced the wonderful world of separates – I pretty much had to have this wearable ode to Audrey II. I've actually never been in Little Shop of Horrors, but it's on my list of shows I'd like to do. Having this skirt might be the next best thing! I'm a huge fan of the Darling Dames skirts from Pinup Girl Clothing – they're a bit shorter than the Jenny skirts, and therefore are a little more versatile for my everyday life – and they happen to come in some of the best prints. I'd love to see more versions of this skirt in solids, too!

venus fly trap skirt
lipstick brooch
pinup girl darling dames

I actually booked a commercial(!), which shot yesterday. It's for a local bank, and it sort of fell in my lap in a very unexpected way – much like most of the gigs I've been booking lately. Even in this relatively small community, it really is about who you know. I had a lot of fun (I even got to wear a lot of my own fun clothes for it), and it was really great to get some more on-camera experience. Otherwise, my weekend was pretty uneventful. I have a promotional photo shoot this morning for the show for which I'm currently in rehearsals, so it's been a semi-glamorous couple of days!

pinup girl clothing darling dames fly trap skirt
venus fly trap skirt
audrey II skirt
Outfit Details
Venus fly trap skirt: Pinup Girl Clothing
White boatneck tee: Target
Lipstick brooch: c/o Modern Girl Blitz
BAIT heels: Zulily

fly trap print

Have a great Monday!


  1. Congrats on the commercial and photoshoot!

    And, yes, this skirt seems perfect for any musical lover!

  2. That skirt is SOOO good!!

    Congrats on the commercial. That's so awesome!

  3. This skirt looks so great on you! Congrats on booking a commercial, that is so exciting!

  4. This skirt (and I can't believe I'm typing the word SKIRT) is just perfection on you! I really like how you paired it with white, I might just have to copy this ;).

  5. Congrats on the commercial! Will we get to see it at all? Perhaps it will go viral on YouTube? Haha I hope you share it if you are able to get a copy of the clip! ;)

    1. Haha, thanks, love! I'm hoping I'll be able to get a digital copy (and I'll definitely post it if/when I do)!

  6. Delightful outfit! That has really got to be one of the funnest and most original novelty print skirts ever. It's impossible to look at and not bust out into a mile wide smile over. :)

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Love this skirt! It looks great on you! I'm happy to have this skirt too! I was so bummed to have missed the last venus flytrap skirt when it was out in the kinky box skirt so was really happy when I heard PUG was bringing back this print in another skirt! I do wish it were just a little longer though! Congrats on the commercial! :D

  8. Congratulations! So well deserved. This skirt is epic. Love the brooch too.


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