Monday, October 5, 2015

At home with Ankit


I am both a homebody and a slave to technology. I rely on my Apple devices more than I'd ever like to admit, and these days, I can't wait to kick back on my couch in the evenings. It should also be of no surprise that I love being surrounded by pretty, quirky things – which is why I was so happy when Ankit reached out to send some of their awesome items for review.

ankit floral headphones
ankit love pillow

Ankit has so many fun pieces to choose from (you've probably seen them at Forever 21, ModCloth, Nasty Gal and other stores), but I was most taken with their home decor and tech sections. We recently bought an adorable midcentury-inspired futon for my room, and I realized that this pillow would look perfect with it. It looks even prettier in person than on their website! It's of very nice quality, and the vibrant colors really brighten up the space.

floral headphones
ankit headphones

I inadvertently went with a floral theme, since I also chose these lovely floral headphones and cactus power bank. The headphones are a great alternative to my normal earbuds, and they're noise-isolating, which makes them great for long trips or when you just want to tune out the rest of the world. Plus, they're way more beautiful than most headphones you see!

ankit cactus power bank

I'm also a huge fan of power banks and mobile chargers; my battery tends to drain pretty quickly (and always at the most inconvenient times!), and I love that this one is both adorable and super-functional. It provides up to 8 hours of talk time, and works with both Apple and Android products! The one drawback is that you do have to provide your own power cord (the cord that it comes with is just for recharging the device), but it's an easy fix. Power banks are a total life-saver (especially this one – it comes pre-charged!), and it's the perfect size and shape for your pocket or purse.

calico tortie cat
This post is Pumpkin-approved!
Many thanks to Ankit for these items (they were sweet enough to send me their fun emoji coasters and a daisy contact case, too)! Their website is filled to the brim with unique gift ideas, tech must-haves and adorable decor additions, so be sure to check them out! 

Please note: This post is sponsored, which means I was gifted items in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. What gorgeous items, I'm so in love with those headphones!

    Sarah xx

  2. Such thoroughly lovely products! There isn't a F21 around these parts (the nearest is about 4.5 hours south of us) and I hadn't seen their offerings elsewhere (that I can recall, so I wasn't familiar with this brand. I really like how feminine, sweet and fun their designs are. Thank you for the stylish introduction!

    ♥ Jessica


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