Wednesday, September 16, 2015

For the record

vintage retro dress

Since I am a self-proclaimed queen of kitschy prints, I don't often gravitate towards neutrals or even solid colors. But now that summer has given way to cooler weather, I found myself being drawn toward this classic 3/4-length sleeve dress from Unique Vintage. I'm slowly trying to add some more subtle, versatile pieces to my wardrobe. I expected to like this dress enough for it to become a staple, but I wasn't prepared for how va-va-va-voom-amazing it would be!
black unique vintage dress
mendon ponds park
unique vintage dress

The sizing for Unique Vintage brand pieces can vary a lot depending on the dress. I've found myself in between sizes quite a bit, and luckily they're really good at listing exact measurements for each garment on their site. Some dresses have fit me better than others, but this one fits true to size and truly exceeded my expectations. I was absolutely thrilled when I put it on! It's so incredibly flattering, and I feel like a million bucks in it – both of which are imperative in my approach to fashion. It hits me in in all of the right places (plus it has a built-in crinoline hem and hidden pockets!), and it's almost as if this dress were made especially for me. For more retro clothing, be sure to check out the huge selection at Unique Vintage.

black retro dress
erstwilder on the 45 brooch
black swing dress

I can think of a thousand ways to style this dress, but since I think black is anything but basic, I decided to incorporate little pops of hot pink with a vintage hat and my new Erstwilder brooch. It was a stroke of luck that they happened to match so perfectly! And If you're a fan of Erstwilder like I am, don't forget to enter our Blogs, Besties + Brooches giveaway – you can enter to win 1 of 5 gift cards for!
pinup black dress
Outfit Details
Diana Swing Dress in Black: c/o Unique Vintage
On the 45 Brooch: Erstwilder
Vintage hat: Straylight Vintage
Heels: similar

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. You are cute as a button in this- and your hair! A million bucks for sure!

  2. You look stunning in that outfit! Love! xx

  3. This dress really does look absolutely amazing on you. It's so perfectly flattering! I bet you'll be able to style this dress a ton of different ways. It's a fantastic basic piece that'll always look good.

    Jamie |

  4. Gorgeous dress on you! It's so flattering on you and so classic in a non-basic way! :D I really love your little hat you paired this with. So cute!

  5. Va-va-voom is right! This is so different for you but you look amazing! I love the simple pops of color to match. Great post!

  6. Sooo fabulously lovely! I adore how you partnered your hat and brooch colour together. Tres glamorous, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica


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