Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mint Julep || Unique Vintage Style Society

unique vintage

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my exciting news: I've been chosen to be part of the Unique Vintage Style Society!  The #iamunique Style Society is comprised of some truly awesome and stylish bloggers (all of whom I've admired for quite some time), and I feel very humbled to be in their company.  I'm so excited to be a part of this inclusive and supportive campaign that celebrates confident, passionate and extraordinary women who love to express their uniqueness through fashion.

garden state dress unique vintage
vintage swiss lace dress
garden state dress

Some of you might remember this post, wherein I talked about all of the reasons #iamunique.  I've always put a lot of emphasis on the importance of honesty and vulnerability, but nevertheless, it's still a little daunting to share your insecurities in such a public way.  All of the responses I received were incredibly supportive, and I was actually a bit surprised to learn that many of you could relate so closely to my experiences.  I'd venture a guess that the vast majority of us have, at one point or another, been made to feel like we aren't pretty enough, like we aren't thin enough, like we aren't smart enough, like we aren't feminine enough, like we aren't good enough.  Like we aren't enough.  Even if we rationally know that these things aren't true, we all need a little reminding from time to time.  This is one of the many reasons why I love the #iamunique campaign.  It may seem like a simple hashtag might not make a difference, but it has the power to remind us to celebrate ourselves.

mint green vintage dress
mint retro dress

I used to hate that I wasn't "conventionally beautiful."  But now I'm overjoyed that I'm anything but conventional.  My particular brand of beauty is entirely mine and it makes me special.  My supposed "imperfections" make me memorable.  I think self-acceptance is a lifelong journey, but I'm learning to love a lot of the things I used to think of as flaws.  I may not be 100% satisfied with myself all the time, and that's okay (because if I were, I'd never grow!).  Like many women, I still struggle with my body image and self-esteem; sadly, this is not one of the things that makes me unique, because it's such a common problem.  But I'm learning to love myself unconditionally -- regardless of the number on the scale, the number of blemishes on my face or the number of times I've heard the word "no."  I've spent too long letting those things keep me from loving the compassionate, imaginative and beautiful person I am.  #iamunique, and that's definitely worth celebrating.

unique vintage style society
mint polka dot dress
style society

One of my favorite ways to celebrate myself is through what I wear.  It may seem superficial to some, but I believe that personal style can be very powerful, and I certainly believe in having fun with fashion.  I dress the way I feel on the inside; what I wear is a direct reflection of my joie de vivre.  I think life is too short for boring clothes, and I have to wear what makes me happy!  Those are my only real "fashion rules," and this gorgeous Unique Vintage brand dress ticks all the boxes on my checklist.  I feel like a vintage mint princess in this dress, and what's not to love about that? For more beautiful vintage dresses like this one, be sure to check out Unique Vintage.

mint dress
the soubrette brunette unique vintage
Outfit Details
Garden State Cocktail Dress: c/o Unique Vintage
Necklace: similar
Shoes: thrifted

Be sure to use #iamunique on social media to celebrate all of the things that make you so wonderfully you!
Have a great day!
xox Sammi


  1. You look STUNNING in this dress and the necklace goes perfectly, plus, you hair! Ah!

    But more important than your (great) outfit is how positive and powerful your words are!

  2. What a wonderfully inspiring post! Congratulations on being chosen to be part of the Unique Vintage Style Society! I just stumbled on your blog yesterday, and absolutely love your posts. You're doing such a fabulous job.

  3. You look gorgeous! Congrats on being chosen! And I agree, unique style is a huge part of beauty. When I was younger I was embarrassed of my offbeat style but now I love that it's a part of me. That dress is so lovely, and I love your hair :)

  4. You are PERFECT for the Style Society - I was not surprised at all! Love everything you said here - we are all unique and should be proud of that fact! Love this dress and its little dots. So precious!

    In a Nutshell...

  5. You look wonderful and what is more important - you express yourself here so wonderful, I don't know you in life, but somehow I think you are honest here in your blog and it's a wonderful honesty!

  6. Life IS too short for boring clothes! You look beautiful Sammi- congrats!!!

  7. How fabulously excited! I'm thrilled for you, dear gal, way to go!!!

    This dress is vision of confectionery hued loveliness. Swoon!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. You've been nominated foor the liebster award!

  9. Congratulations! And what a darling dress that is I love the 'frothy' feel to it, which looks just perfect against your lovely skin x

  10. You look amazing darling and I was so thrilled to see you as one of the new faces!! :) x


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