Wednesday, April 29, 2015


square dance dress

I have a slight obsession with vintage square dance dresses. I've worn others on the blog before (here, here and here), and I'm excited to add this one to my collection. The fit is perfect, and the color seems to be sort of rare. It's also comfortable, and I like that it isn't a super delicate vintage piece (so I can actually get some wear out of it!). A lot of square dance dresses are suitable for very specific occasions, but this one is worthy of everyday wear.

vintage square dance dress
vintage patio dress
vintage squaw dress

And where did I find this fantastic dress? You might remember that I recently held a giveaway with Hey Viv!, a retro clothing boutique. They carry lots of popular retro reproduction brands, and they also have their own line. But did you know they also have a vintage shop on Etsy?! I had no idea that they also sold vintage, so I was very excited to browse what they had to offer. I ended up picking this square dance dress, which I love, but it was definitely hard to choose. It can be difficult to find affordable, high quality vintage pieces – especially on Etsy, where there is SO much to choose from – but Hey Viv! Vintage has a wide array of great vintage items for sale. Although their regular boutique specializes in '50s-inspired items, their vintage shop boasts pieces from the 1940s-1990s, so there's something for everyone! Here are just a few of my favorite pieces (all currently available) from their shop:

hey viv vintage

One more awesome thing about Hey Viv: they're offering my readers a 10% discount code (good for both their regular site and their Etsy store) when you sign up for the Hey Viv newsletter! Scroll to the bottom of their home page + enter your information, and you'll receive the code in your e-mail. Be sure to let me know you signed up in the comments here so we make sure you get your discount!

hey viv vintage etsy
Outfit Details
Vintage dress: c/o Hey Viv! Vintage
Flats: similar

Don't forget to enter my Sourpuss giveaway! The winner will receive an awesome red sparkle clutch. The giveaway ends Sunday night at midnight, so don't wait! Enter here.

Have a great Wednesday!
xox Sammi


  1. Such a good colour on you, love it!x

  2. You look so cute! I'm kind of in love with the color of this dress. It looks gorgeous on you.

    Jamie |

  3. That dress is so cute! I love vintage square dance dresses...they're just so perfect for twirling in. :)

    Vicki Grace

  4. So gorgeous. I always love how perfect your hair is! <3

    Sarah - Lipstick & Dresses

  5. All signed up for the newsletter - perfect timing as there were a few bits and pieces I was eyeing up over on their Etsy just the other day. Makes postage to Australia a little less terrifying ;]

    And square dance dresses are just the cutest. Spotted one at an antiques centre in the UK with little dancing corn cobs. I may have to bite the bullet and take it home...

  6. You look radiant in this color!

  7. That is such a wonderfully pretty dress! I love royal blue and was just wearing it the other day actually with a new-to-me vintage peach + blue plaid dress.

    Have a great weekend, dear Sammi!
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Signed up for the newsletter. That color blue looks really nice on you!

  9. It is a great color on you. My grandmother used to go out square dancing a lot (they were in their 40s and 50s), and now I wish I had some photos of her in the dresses; I know she wore them but have never seen any photos.

  10. I love these types of dresses and the colour is so lovely on you! xx


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