Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring fever

bernie dexter bee dress

It's now officially spring... but it doesn't really feel like it here!  The snow has melted a bit since I took these photos, but my backyard is still snowy.  Since I'm pretty sick of wearing winter boots, I decided to switch up the scenery a bit and take some photos on my snow-less street.  Because it's still pretty chilly, I decided to infuse as much spring as I could into my outfit!

vintage daisy brooch
bernie dexter dress
bee print

I really had fun putting together this ensemble!  In all honesty, I'm not great at remixing the pieces in my closet; when I come up with a way to wear something, I usually stick with it.  But when I was coming up with an outfit to wear to work, I soon realized that the top portion of this dress wasn't very appropriate.  Luckily, I happened to have a sunny yellow sweater to wear over it.  I sometimes plan out the perfect outfit over a long span of time, but I love those moments when you're struck with outfit inspiration (as silly as that sounds)!

bernie dexter
Outfit Details
Dress: Bernie Dexter (similar)
Sweater: Forever 21 (similar)
Pettislip: Amazon (similar)
Belt: from another dress
Shoes: ModCloth
Brooch: Mom's

Oh, and sweet Amy Rose drew the most darling doodle of me in this dress!  Her work is so adorable.  If you're not following her on Instagram, you definitely should be.  Thank you again, Amy Rose!  <3 

Have a lovely day!
xox Sammi


  1. I am digging the yellow sweater over it! I never think of putting a pullover over a dress but it totally works! Why not? Lord knows we need some extra layers with the chill that is STILL in the air!

  2. Ooo I love the yellow sweater layered over this adorable dress. The color combination going on here is wonderful and so is your flower pin! This is definitely a spring-y outfit even if it's still cold outside.

    Jamie |

  3. 1) I've never thought about wearing a sweater over any of my dresses before that WASN'T a cardigan and now I feel like I'm missing out on 4765394876 more outfits I could be creating.

    2) That illustration is AMAZING!

    3) If you're in the mood for spring, just come here. Please + thank you.


  4. I love it! I adore sweaters over dresses. Not only does it alter the style, but it adds an extra layer of cozy warmth. Adorable as always.

  5. Oh I love it! I really love your daisy brooch always wanted one like that!
    Can I ask you- I've got to audition for the part of Sarah in Guys and Dolls- any tips at all?!?! x

    1. I think the best possible advice I can give is to sing something you love, and to have fun! Think of your audition as a chance to perform, rather than as something nerve-wracking. Break a leg! xoxo

  6. I immediately fell in love with the colour combo but the bumble bees stole my heart :)

    That drawing is amazingly cute <3 gotta check out the artist!

  7. Gah! You are too cute! I love this fun and colorful outfit... it makes me smile and that illustration is adorable. Yay for Spring!!!

  8. Forever jealous of this dress! And I love the styling with yellow!!

  9. Aww, this outfit and the illustration of you are both soooo darling! They make me smile and lift my mood just seeing them (and as it's been "one of those weeks", it needs the boos!).

    The seasons are in limbo here, too, so I can certainly relate. Fingers crossed the spring proper arrives soon for both of us!

    Have a fabulous Friday!
    ♥ Jessica

  10. You look soooo adorable!
    x Angela //

  11. How ADORABLE ARE YOU? Both in that dress and in that sketch!


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