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Fictional Fashion Plates: Romy and Michele

romy and michele

I was recently struck with inspiration for a new series here on The Soubrette Brunette -- the first installment of which I'm launching today.  So much of my aesthetic is inspired by fantasy and costume, and I realized that there are so many characters in film, television and literature that have shaped the way I have cultivated my personal style.  I wanted to pay homage to these fabricated figures in a monthly series that I'm calling "Fictional Fashion Plates."  I'll be sharing some of my favorite style moments from whatever source material I can find, as well as some style boards and links for those who feel inspired to infuse some fiction into their wardrobe reality.  For my first post in this new series, I've chosen to honor Romy White and Michele Weinberger, from the late-'90s film Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.

romy & michele

Some of you might be surprised that I didn't choose characters that are a little more retro in aesthetic, but I've always been obsessed with the costumes in this film.  In fact, costumer Mona May is responsible not only for Romy and Michele, but for two of my other favorite 90's flicks: Clueless and Never Been Kissed.  Mona May's creations in these films are larger-than-life in the very best way, and my fascination with the wardrobe of the central characters hasn't waned since I first watched these films as a kid.  As we all know, fashion is cyclical, and the late-'90s are having a bit of a heyday right now -- so if you're looking to draw some inspiration from Romy and Michele, you don't have to look too far!

romy and michele's high school reunion

glitters for dinner
 1   //   2   //   3
90s handbags
 a   //   b   //   c   //   d   //   e  

glitters for dinner skirts
a   //   b

90s platform heels
  1   //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5   //   6 

Although Romy and Michele's sense of style has definite tones of tackiness, I think that can be a really fun element to work into your wardrobe every once and a while.  Bright solids and pastels, faux fur, feathers, and chunky heels are staples in their closets.  One of the first brands I thought of when looking for current inspiration was Glitters For Dinner, and ironically enough, I had no idea that they've actually named some of their pieces after Romy and Michele!  In general, co-ords are pretty popular right now, and it's a great way to create some longevity in your wardrobe (since pieces can be worn together or mixed with other items).  And if Romy and Michele were living in today's world, I bet they'd rock a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes.  I had so much fun putting together these contemporary takes on some of my favorite ensembles from the film!

romy and michele car
romy and michele outfit
             a   //   b   //   c

romy and michele gym
romy and michele outfit inspiration 
a   //   b   //   c   //   d

romy michele
nasty gal dresses
a   //   b

90s co-ords
a   //   b   //   c

romy and michele coats
faux fur jackets
a   //   b

romy and michele cherry necklace
romy and michelle outfit
1   //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5

Overall, though I wouldn't dress like Romy and Michele on a daily basis, I love the ever-present sense of fun they put into their outfits.  They dress like every day is a party, and that's definitely a message I can get behind!  What about you?  Would you wear any of these flick-inspired finds?

Have a Romy and Michele Day!  :)
xox Sammi

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  1. great post! looking forward to the series & would deffinitely wear some of this!

  2. Ah, this is amazing! I was obsessed with this film in the nineties, and it still makes me laugh now. It's one of the first films I remember enjoying for the fashion... as crazy as it was!

  3. Oh, the nostalgia!!! I loved Romy & Michelle, especially Romy, since I related more to her character. I used to love their 80s-Madonna-inspired outfits so much... And felt triumphant when the Vogue editor (Lisa?!) defended their sense of style after their public humiliation. xx

  4. I can see why you love the costumes! :D They are soo pretty! :) I really need to watch these movies! :)
    x Angela //

  5. I'm dying! I love this movie, these outfits!!! This is a really fun post.

  6. I love the timing of this post! I've been thinking A LOT about the late 90s and early 2000s lately, and honestly feeling a tad nostalgic. I almost feel this period was one of the last with any real fresh fashion. Sure there are lots of nods to the 60s and 70s, but there was a lot of fun going on, as you mentioned.

    Great first choice in this new series! Looking forward to the other choices!


  7. This was one of my favorite movies! This is such a perfect article!

  8. Uber cool idea for a new post series! I love the concept and really enjoyed the flashback to my youth that this first installment delivered. I can hardly wait to see what you're share with us next!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Man I love that movie. Their outfits are so much fun and pretty ridiculous in the best way possible. I wish I had Romy's blue metallic high school reunion dress. That thing is awesome!

    Jamie |

  10. I am *loving* this new feature! I can't wait to see more! And I definitely wish I could buy that pink dress with feathers on the bottom!
    <3 Mariah Alysz
    Rya Pie


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