Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ice princess

hell bunny coat

I guess you could say I'm a little coat-crazy.  Or maybe a lot coat-crazy.  Alright, I'm downright obsessed with outerwear.  If you live in a place with frigid winters like I do (it was -4 degrees earlier this week!), owning a pretty coat (...or seven) to complete your ensemble -- rather than just covering it up -- makes the cold weather much more bearable.  And when you have a coat as pretty as this one, the rest of the outfit doesn't much matter.

hell bunny
retro coat
hell bunny petticoat

This coat makes me feel like royalty (hence the post title).  This is one of a few Hell Bunny coats I own, and they're all so special, flattering and surprisingly warm.  It can be a challenge to find outerwear that looks decent over crinolines, but this coat has a very accommodating full skirt and the length is perfect for me.  The one downside to this coat is that it doesn't have pockets.  I've been wanting a muff for a while, so maybe I should get one to alleviate the problem of where to put my gloves!

vintage hat
hell bunny trixi coat
Outfit Details
Hell Bunny coat: available here
Dress (underneath): c/o eShakti
Petticoat: available here
Hat: Neely Auction
Shoes: ModCloth

modcloth hell bunny

Have a lovely Saturday!
xox Sammi


  1. Gorgeous coat! I love the fur details. Fancy coats are always fun. :D

  2. It does look cozy and where it gets legit super cold (below zero! Ugh! Sadly, I know your pain...) having a good coat- and a cute one- makes everyhthing so much more bearable in winter.

  3. So nice coat. xa

  4. I loved this coat when I first saw it - I went for the Millie mostly because it was a slightly shorter length and I just knew this one and some of their others would make me look even shorter than I am. But it looks darling on you and that's also a fabulous hat!

  5. An ice princess in true Frozen style! You look so pretty, and it's a marvellous coat x

  6. Seriously stunning! I adore that your crini and coat match. Tres beautiful!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. You look amazing! That's the prettiest coat / ensemble I've ever seen! :) xx

  8. that coat and petticoat are amazing. this winter look is absolute perfection
    xx Sarah

  9. I adore everything about this outfit; the coat, your hat, shoes, the matching petticoat!! Seriously, now I want to put all these things in my wardrobe as well; they are just so pretty.
    : ) ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  10. I can't believe my eyes... you are winter perfection in that color and wow wow wow I can't even start to express how jealous I am of your look and... THE SNOW!!! SNOWWWW!!!

  11. You really do look like a princess! Beautiful!x

  12. O this coat is so beautiful!! An absolute dream! x

  13. Sammi, you look absolutely amazing. I enjoy living in an area with relatively warm weather year-round but I would handle the -4 (!!!) temperature JUST so I can have a coat like this. At least I think I would! I love the fur details on the coat, and the baby blue petticoat under the coat is such a perfect and whimsical addition. You are breathtaking!

    xo, Serli

  14. Ahhhh I love these Hell Bunny coats!!! I love this particular colour too. So pretty x

  15. This is GORGEOUS!!! I adore it! Also, my favorite color for January! I have yet to get any Hell Bunny items, but they are quite tempting!


  16. This is such a gorgeous retro coat! I love the pretty blue color and the fur detailing. You look like a winter princess in this outfit!

    Jamie |

  17. I think that is perhaps the most beautiful coat I've ever seen! The coat looks so pretty on you and I love that it has a full skirt - perfect for all your beautiful dresses!

  18. This gorgeous Hell Bunny coat is so amazing! Love the photos of you where you're sporting a huge smile. :)

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark


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