Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hang on little tomato

tomato dress

It's absolutely freezing outside these days (it's been in the single digits this week!), but I took advantage of the warmer weather a couple of weeks ago to take some photos in this Bernie Dexter dress.  Like many of her dresses, I'd had my eye on this one for quite some time before it finally went on sale.  The print is probably better suited for summertime, but it's so charming -- and I have an adorable tomato ring that goes perfectly with it!

bernie dexter
tomato print

Like I predicted, it's been far too chilly to take photos outside (even I have my limits!), so I've spent this week working, rehearsing, exercising, and slowly checking things off my to-do list.  Oh, and staying warm with lots of tea and hot cocoa.  I haven't really felt like getting dolled up this week; it's too cold for dresses and I'd rather stay in my warm bed for an extra hour than do anything with my hair.  In addition, I started seeing a dermatologist to try and resolve my skin issues, and I haven't felt like putting on much makeup.  I've been dealing with acne for over 15 years now, and my hope is that my skin will eventually get to the point where I don't have to cake on a ton of makeup to cover up blemishes and scarring.  I wish I could be one of those girls with naturally flawless skin!  Maybe someday.

heart necklace
bernie dexter tomato dress
tomato dress
Outfit Details
Tomato dress: Bernie Dexter (available here)
Tomato ring: Hey Chickadee
Shoes: B.A.I.T. Footwear
Cardigan: thrifted (similar)
Necklace: ASOS
Petticoat: eBay

Have a great Sunday!
xox Sammi


  1. Ohhh you got the tomato dress, too! Yay :) This outfit looks great on you! Love the shade of green that your sweater is. I'm so glad I got the tomato dress, too. You're right; it is probably better suited for the summer, but I still will wear it all year long. It's too cute not to :)
    It's been outrageously cold here as well, and I'm really over it!!

  2. Great dress - looks wonderful on you. I love a food print - I need some of these in my life! It's very cold here too at the moment and I'm relentlessly studying weather forecasts to try to spot windows where I can go outside and take my coat off for longer than 20 minutes without a) being rained, sleet or snowed on and b) the wind isn't going to blow my head off... there aren't many of them! I feel similarly about my skin - I have a mild form of acne on my chest and back and have always, always had spots on my face as long as I can remember. I spend my life airbrushing them out of blog photos :( hope you make some progress with yours. I was prescribed cream for mine that bleached all of my clothes. Some tops were sacrificed to the cause before I realised. Ugh. CC x

  3. Love the print and good for you for getting to see about some of your to-do list things, like the dermatologist.

  4. Love your outfit! The print on your dress is amazing...and i love that you have a ring to match. :)

    Vicki Grace

  5. This outfit is absolutely perfect! I love every single detail! You look amazing in it. :) xx

  6. Love this outfit! And your title is so cute. It's going to be in the 60's all week in California! Do please come visit. ;) xoxoxoxo

  7. You're so fabulously coordinated, as always. I love the red and green combo - it feels fresh, like summer rather than Christmas.
    Good luck with your dermatologist. I would also love to have good skin without the help of makeup, but it seems like every little thing leaves a permanent mark on my face. It can be really frustrating sometimes.

  8. Holy crap this dress is awesome! What a fun and unusual print. I can't believe you have a matching tomato ring to go with it. You're the queen of novelty prints and novelty accessories. I love it!

    Jamie |

  9. This is such a cute dress! I absolutely adore it!

  10. Oh wow this is such a standout and perfect look. I adore the colour combination, it's one I've been wearing a lot recently. What a unique print, you certainly don't see that everyday.

  11. I adore that pattern! And love how you've boldly teamed the dress with a bright green cardi. Very tomato indeed! Your post title is referring perhaps to the Pink Martini song? I haven't listened to that album for ages, but I love so many of the songs on there x

  12. That dress is perfeeecctttt! I feel as though since I am the biggest fan of ketchup in the whole wide world, I should have a dress like this. Yes, I will have to find some tomato-print fabric somewhere--Thanks for the inspo! :D

    Demi |

  13. So cute! This is the first tomato print I've seen and I'm in love! It will be fun for summer, but I think it totally works in the winter too! Stay warm, Sammi!

  14. Dressing up beautifully is really the best way to enjoy a warmer weather. And you look amazing on your Bernie Dexter dress. As for your acne problem, fifteen years is a very long time. It’s about time to put a stop to it. And seeking a dermatologist’s help is the right step to begin your acne-free journey. Good luck!

    Byron Brewer @ Knight & Sanders


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