Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Winter Wonderland

bernie dexter dress

Merry Christmas Eve!  For most people, Christmas Day is probably more exciting... but in my family, Christmas Eve has always been the main event.  We make a ton of yummy hors d'oeuvres, gather around the fireplace and open presents.  (We do save silly stocking stuffers for Christmas morning, though.)  Even though I'm Jewish, I've celebrated both Chanukah and Christmas my entire life, and because Christmas Eve holds a special place in my heart, I just had to wear the most special, beautiful Bernie Dexter dress ever made for the occasion.

bernie dexter winter wonderland
winter dress
jubilee dress

This dress was an early Christmas present from my mom.  I'd been lusting over it for over a year!  It's actually on sale right now on Bernie's website, but since I know some sizes have sold out, she also makes it in a Veronique style and in a separate top + skirt (which would be perfect for Aussie gals, who are currently experiencing a hot summer).  I hemmed and hawed over how to style this dress; I've loved seeing this print styled with furs and brooches, but in the end, it's such a gorgeous piece on its own that I didn't want to detract from it.  I decided to go with a simple snowflake necklace, my new hair flower from Stardust Dames Boutique, and my silver Mary Janes from ASOS.

retro hair flower
rockabilly hair flower
bernie dexter winter
snowflake necklace
christmas print dress
novelty print dress

My mom has been baking and cooking up a storm, and I finally finished wrapping presents last night.  Although I love receiving gifts (I am an only child, after all!), I really love giving gifts just as much.  Coming up with just the right gift for someone is a really fun process for me -- though I always worry the recipient won't love it as much as I'd hoped!  I think I have proven myself to be a pretty formidable gift-giver, though.  I know most of what I'm getting this year anyway, so being able to surprise my family and friends with presents is even more exciting than opening my own.

What are some of your holiday traditions?  What's your favorite gift that you've given (or received) this year?  And what are you wearing for the holidays?

christmas dress
Outfit Details
Jubilee Winter Print Pin Up Dress: Bernie Dexter
American Apparel pettislip: Amazon
Hair flower: Stardust Dames
Necklace: Forever Bella
Heels: ASOS

holiday dress

Have a very Merry Christmas!  <3 
xox Sammi


  1. Holy Christmas, this is my favorite outfit ever (are you surprised?)!!! I'm glad you chose to show off the dress with minimal layering because that shelf bust is fantastic. I felt like I could layer mine because the Osterley has a plain top portion. I will forever lust after this dress, it's just too good, but I will absolutely live vicariously through your closet. I've been doing it for years!

    Our Christmases sound very similar! We always open gifts tonight and stockings tomorrow. Also, I love hearing about your life as an only child because I know that's going to be Bianca's way of life too. Let's be honest, it sounds amazing!

    I hope you have the best Christmas Sammi! Love you lots!!!!

  2. You are absolutely stunning! You look like a Christmas princess. :D The snowflake bow is a great detail, too. If I were you I'd just wear that dress everyday.

    My Christmases are always a bit stressful. For the last several years, I've split Christmas between my partner and I, ever since we started dating about seven years ago. Our families celebrate Christmas in very different ways, with different traditions, so it's fun and overwhelming all at once. :)

    Merry Christmas!


  3. I will be wearing Bernie too! Not this one though, her tomato dress! I am Italian and for Christmas we always make a big spaghetti feast so I knew the tomato dress would be PERFECT for Christmas!

    You look GREAT! What a great backdrop as well - some sun and some snow! Lovely!

    In a Nutshell...

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Merry Christmas, Sammy! Alex

  5. Love this dress on you! Such a gorgeous Bernie dress. I'm wearing my Bernie plaid dress for Christmas...and tonight, ha.

  6. Beautiful!! Love this print so much and this cut is so gorgeous on you!! I really love giving gifts too - so fun! x

  7. So sweet!

    We do Christmas Eve at my house - with my family, my boyfriend's family and some family friends. Last night we won our annual boys vs girls board game, which is now 4-1!

    We spent Christmas between both families today - but we HAVE to open presents on Christmas day. I am suck a stickler for that rule.

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas day! x

  8. this is so perfect. love it. Merry Xmas!

  9. Enchantingly gorgeous! You are beyond stunning in this elegant, festive BD winter dress, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. Love, love, love it!!! I've been lusting after that dress for some time now, but have never taken the plunge. Also, that snowflake necklace is just amazing!! I have a snowflake tattoo on my wrist so would love to echo that motif in my jewellery. Hope you have had a fabulous time! x

  11. I've been lusting over this forever! I love the Veronique cut but this cut looks so cute on you. love it -Fairfawn

  12. I always enjoy Christmas Eve too. We usually have a party with my mom's side of the family and do gag gifts that day. It's a lot of fun! I hope you had an amazing holiday season this year! Also, this dress is absolutely perfect and looks gorgeous on you!

    Jamie |


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