Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites #70

Happy Friday!  It feels like forever since I posted a Friday Favorites!  Here are some lovely little pieces that have caught my eye over the last couple of weeks...

I've found a few online retailers that carry these perfect cropped cardigans (i.e., ModCloth, Pinup Girl Clothing), but I've always found Trashy Diva to have the biggest selection of different colors.  I've blogged about these cardigans before, but when I recently visited the Trashy Diva site, I realized -- much to my utter delight -- that they now carry them in almost every color of the rainbow!  They're super-flattering, the perfect length to wear with dresses, and they're surprisingly warm.  You can find TD's current selection (which is gigantic) here!
cropped cardigans
Layering is now totally necessary here, which has amped up my coat obsession.  There is just something about a red coat, is there not?  I just love these three options.  I actually own the middle one in tan, and it's an absolutely stunning coat.  It's by Hell Bunny, and it's so flattering and well-made.  I adore the sweet little details on the other two coats, as well.

red coats

a   //   b   //   c

While we're on the subject of red... I've desperately tried (in vain) to find a suitable red velvet dress for winter.  I ordered this one from Aeropostale, of all places, but it was unfortunately too short for my 5'7" frame.  These two options from boohoo could be the answer to my problem:
red velvet
a   //   b

How had I never noticed these adorable shoes before?  I don't especially like the shoe itself, but the heel is amazing!

irregular choice house shoes

I'm already a big fan of Voodoo Vixen, and this bowling pin print dress of theirs is just darling!
voodoo vixen bowling dress
I'm not sure how good the quality of this lipstick is, but the case is lovely!

forever 21 lipstick

These shoes by Miss L-Fire are so sweet (and perfect for the holidays)!
miss l-fire modcloth
a   //   b

sourpuss clothing
This is such a cute calendar:

I always have a hard time finding scarves I like, so maybe this mint stole would do nicely:
mint stole

I enjoy anything associated with Bettie Page, and this light gold purse is pretty glam!
bettie page purse

This fuzzy cardigan is perfect for any vintage enthusiast:
vintage cardigan

I just finished Twin Peaks and I am obsessed.  I want all of the Etsy merch that's associated with the show, but I especially love this brooch by Kate Rowland:

twin peaks brooch

Aren't these lens caps adorable?  They'd make perfect stocking stuffers!

I definitely want to try this recipe for apple & tahini toast with honey and thyme!

apple tahini toast honey thyme
Speaking of toast... this bread pillow is so cute!!
kawaii pillow
I really love the brand Book of Deer, and I think this dress of theirs is so pretty.  Sadly, it's not a good silhouette for my shape, so I'll just have to gaze wistfully at it.

book of deer dress

I love these purses!
modcloth disaster designs
a   //   b   //   c

I wish this coat were warmer so I could justify purchasing it, because it's wonderful.  But then again, it's probably much better for my bank account.

modcloth scalloped coat

And finally... I'm dying over these saddle shoes!  They're perfect!

pink saddle shoes

Have a great Friday!
xox Sammi

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  1. Oooo thanks for the reminder! I totally need to add some cropped cardis to my wish list this year. :)

    Those purses are adorable! If you like that style, have you seen the luxe totes & wallets at Papaya Art ( You might like it! I have so much of their stuff. O_O

  2. I need those cardigans, that red coat, those lens caps…pretty much everything.

    Your Friday Faves costs me money.

  3. I'm trying to stock up on cardigans and those Trashy Diva ones are so perfect. I need all the pretty colors! It's hard to find cropped and fitted tops like those. Loose cardigans are great and all but sometimes less fabric works better for the look.

  4. I saw that Trashy Diva has tons of those cropped cardigans!! I'm tempted to get a couple, even though I already have a lot of cropped cardigans and boleros, ha. Also, I had seen that kitty Christmas dress on Sourpuss Clothing's website. It's too cute!!

  5. I want all of those Trashy Diva cardigans! I can never resist buying cardigans in all the colours of the rainbow; I wear them over everything. I love the velvet dresses and the bowling pin print dress, and the Miss L Fire shoes are on my wish list, too. :)

  6. SO MUCH CUTE STUFF! I love the cardigans and the bread pillow... too darn cute!



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