Thursday, October 9, 2014

Goldenrod & Bluebells

Cardigan halter dress

I've never been good at color blocking.  I usually stick to one loud print or quirky focus; I'm usually so matchy-matchy that it can be hard for me to combine colors in unexpected ways.  I really admire people who are adept at it -- it's an art unto itself!  Marisa and Polly are especially incredible at it, and I'm always in awe of the outfits they put together.  This outfit is in no way an example of color blocking, but it is an attempt to combine some colors that I wouldn't normally try: mustard and cyan.

Forever 21 floral halter dress
Cocktail ring
Floral dress

I bought this dress from Forever 21's website, and it ended up being a lot shorter than I had anticipated... I guess I thought a modest cardigan and a too-short hemline would cancel each other out?  I really like the top of this halter dress though, and because it's not the sort of dress I'd wear with tights, I had to figure out some way to get some wear out of it!  I love that the print is so vintage-inspired.  It was actually still pretty warm out when I took these -- if I had taken them now, I'd definitely need a jacket!

White halter dress
White floral dress
Outfit Details
Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Forever 21 (similar)
Cocktail ring: Mom's
Flats: ASOS (similar)

White halter

Maybe after this slight foray into combining unlikely colors, I'll get a little braver with it.  Do you have a favorite unique color combo?  I always really liked red and aquamarine, but do you have any other favorites I should try?

Have a great Thursday!
xox Sammi


  1. I always tend to go matchy, too! But I really love yellow and turquoise together, or orange and blue... or red and pink. I love the goldenrod and aquamarine! And the print of that dress is so pretty. It's so frustrating when things are shorter than you expected, isn't it? It still looks great on you, though!

  2. I posted about my color combining phobia a few weeks ago :) I'm just fine when it comes to throwing different prints together as long as the colors match, but I don't do well at all with pairing contrasting colors!

  3. Lovely color combination! Not one I would usually go for either, but I really like what you've done with it here. The print on the dress is so sweet.

    One of my favourite tricks for lengthening a hemline that's too short is to sew on a strip of thick lace to the hem to give another 2 inches or so. This has worked really well for me in the past, and I like the unique twist it gives my dresses. ♡

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  4. Aw, I love these colors together! Great job!


  5. That is such an adorable dress! I hate it when I order something and it isn't the length I thought though...that is such a bummer! The top pleating totally makes up for it though because it is such a fun detail.
    I definitely don't shy away from color, haha. I cringe at some of my archive photos because I sometimes threw some crazy colors together! I think it helps to experiment though because you find combinations you would never have tried otherwise. I love that color cardigan with this so much!

  6. I actually think mustard goes with nearly everything! And I love it here with cyan - works beautifully. Pale blue and bright red was one of my favourite combos for summer, but now winter's coming I'm hoping to pair as many things as I can with burgundy, purely because I love it! CC x

  7. It's very interesting that you would describe yourself as such, as I've always through you had an utterly marvelous eye for colour combinations and a real flare for coming up with beautiful pairs or palettes, of which this autumn perfect match is no exception, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. I love the color combo you have here! It actually reminds me of my school colors growing up, so I've worn that combo many times. Aside from blues and yellows together, I used to like red and brown or yellow and purple. Now, I find I really like blue and purple together.

    The too short dress problem has happened to me quite a couple of times. I finally decided to measure the length from my shoulder to my knee to have an approximate length I prefer for dresses. This dress says that it is "27.5" bust to hem" on the website. The length I had measured for myself was 37" (I'm pretty short). My guess is that the bust to shoulder difference is about 6" estimating. So, I would feel that the dress is 3.5" too short.
    I always find that knowing my measurements always helps for shopping online, so I hope that helps you a little :]

  9. The cardigan does balance it out to me a bit. Or maybe it is just that I love that mustard color on you?!

  10. I love the bust on this dress! And you remind me that I need to get myself a new mustard sweater! The last one I had never fit right, and I gave it up before replacing it.


  11. Ooooooh! I loooove the colours you have going on here. I think the two go perfectly together :)


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