Wednesday, October 15, 2014


modcloth luck be a lady
I have decided that I really need to invest in some more button-down blouses for the fall and winter.  It's normally pretty difficult for me to find these types of blouses that I like; if you're well-endowed, finding a top that is both flattering and devoid of button-gaping is like the quest for the Holy Grail of Tops.  But I've realized that there's a loophole in this struggle: when you layer blouses underneath dresses, neither of those factors is imperative!  For instance, this top by Lazy Oaf has an amazing print, but it also has an unfortunate (on me) high-low hem that makes the top really billowy and unflattering, worn on its own.  But you'd never know by looking at it here!  As long as the dress is flattering -- and any imperfections in the shirt aren't obvious through the dress -- then you're good to go!  

lazy oaf shirt
red modcloth dress

I have a few of these Luck Be a Lady dresses from ModCloth (they're made by Closet, a UK-based brand), and I really love the silhouette of them.  Plus, they're the perfect layering dress.  I usually wear them with a cropped cardigan (they've become my go-to audition dress!), but I'm smitten with how they look with a blouse underneath.  Plus, it's the sort of look that can easily be styled in a casual way with slouchy boots or dressed up with heels.  Do you own any of these dresses?  What's your favorite way to style them?

dress and blouse
 Outfit Details
Luck Be a Lady Dress in Red: ModCloth (similar styles)
Lazy Oaf blouse: ModCloth (similar styles)
Belt: ASOS (similar)
Flats: YesStyle

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
xox Sammi


  1. Nice:) AND Giveaway on my blog->

  2. LOVE this idea. I myself had started playing with a long sleeve top under dresses for an alternative in the winter. I love cardigans but this is another option!

    Also love that blouse's print. So super cute!

  3. how beautiful you look !, the outfit reminded me of some fairy tale I do not know but this lovely :)

  4. That's a great point about blouses for the proportionately busty among us - I wonder if I should care less about the whole fit and think more about what to put them under! I'm sure if have a lot more if I thought that way, and could probably come up with some cute looks like yours. Food for thought! I don't have this particular Closet dress, but do others - I like them a lot as a brand but have found their sizing a bit all over the place in the past. Mind you I haven't bought one of their dresses for a while so perhaps they've sorted that now! CC x

  5. Seriously adorable look!!! I sometimes use the trick of layering less-than-flattering/ideally sized pieces to still keep them in my wardrobe, too (tucking longer cardigans that don't hit at a great length on my thighs into skirts and layering a belt over them, for example).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Ooh that is perfect! I haven't even considered buying blouses but layering them seems like a great idea. :D

  7. That blouse has the cutest print! Hi-lo hems never work on me with shirts, either; I've got too small of a waist and too big of hips. They just end up being super loose around my middle, tight on my hips, and too high in the front to look at all stylish.
    But I love the layering and colors here! You look so pretty!

  8. My heavens that dress is so cute! Alex

  9. I'm not very smart at layering but I really need to learn how to wear my blouses underneath dresses! You've inspired me!

  10. Totally agree! I have a love hate relationship with button down shirts, but when you layer them underneath cardigans none of the gaping matters! What a beautiful color on you; I love red.

  11. Loving this! And the print on the shirt! You should join our link up party - Let Your Light Shine Thursdays

  12. This outfit as a whole is adorable and the print on the shirt is too. The print reminds me of Schoolhouse Rock illustrations (humming "I'm just a Bill/ Up on Capital Hill" as I type this)

  13. Wahhhh I love this pairing sooo much! That print is so adorable. <3 <3 <3

  14. Blouses and dresses combos are the best and the cutest~! Love it so much :)


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