Saturday, September 27, 2014

Misty Blue

Blue retro dress

I was so eager to try on this dress that I ended up wearing it straight out of the box for these photos -- so I'm sorry for the wrinkles!  I was in a bit of a rush, since I took these right before I had to head to the theatre for the staged reading I did last week.  I played Nellie Bly in the reading (if you're familiar with female journalists, you probably know who she was), so I kind of needed to wear my hair up, which always feels weird to me.  But I sort of ended up liking it in these photos!  Plus, this dress is so fluffy and pretty that I still managed to feel very feminine.

blue baker dress modcloth
pearl bracelet
ModCloth dress

I'm glad I was able to get this dress when it went on sale, since I'd been eyeing it forever.  I wish that ModCloth would specify brands on every piece they carry though, because this dress is actually made by the same company as this other dress -- which I absolutely love, but they have similar sizing issues.  The skirts of both dresses are incredibly full, and both of their tops very snug.  I'd definitely recommend sizing up on this one, since I could barely zip it up while wearing a bra.  Both of these dresses are so gorgeous that I have to keep them, but I can't help thinking that if ModCloth explicitly stated the brand, I would have felt more secure about my sizing choice.

blue ribbon baker dress
 Outfit Details
Blue Ribbon Baker Dress: ModCloth (no longer available)
White Mary Janes: estate sale store
Bracelet & ring: old

Have a superb Saturday!
xox Sammi


  1. I was just thinking how much like your hair up- of course, I like your hair all the time but this is very pretty and rather highlights the Betty Bangs you have :D And blue is such a great color for you.

    Nellie Bly was such a hero to me growing up! In a way, it is rather sad that one needs to refer to her as a "female reporter," though, of course, our history books still seem to need to point out when a personage is a female as if it is a separate category, because she did a lot of very amazing things for any reporter. Less famous, but my favorite stunt-turned-story she did was trying to get around the world in 80 days like the book (she did it in 72, but then I bet you know all this!)

  2. Agreed! I often have sizing issues with Modcloth, too. You look fab!

  3. You look absolutely amazing! I love that dress!

  4. I think your hair looks very pretty up - which I think I've said before. You've got such a pretty face, why not show it off! This dress is very beautiful but I share your frustration with Modcloth particularly as someone who is buying stuff overseas if and when I do. It's crucial to know the brand then as its so expense to ship and return things! I rely on readers reviews... CC x

  5. What a pretty dress- it looks vintage! I agree with everyone else, your hair looks so pretty up! I agree, they should put the brands on there, I've been frustrated about that before too!

  6. This dress is amazing on you!So chic!I love the color! Kisses from Spain!

  7. you look so pretty with that hairstyle, the dress makes me remember Alice in wonderland a great inspiration, really love it <3

  8. Nellie Bly was SUCH an important woman in history! That's super nifty you got to do a reading related to her!

    This dress is marvelous! I love the color and your hair looks great!



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