Monday, September 29, 2014


ModCloth floral dress

I thought fall was here to stay, but it seems as if we're in the midst of Indian summer here.  I'm excited for sunshine, but I was in such an autumnal state of mind that I'm kind of over the heat.  I'm eager to remix my outfits with tights and cardigans, but I figured I should take advantage of the nice weather while it lasts.  I've styled this dress on the blog before, but I felt like styling it again because it's one of my favorites.  It was a lucky eBay snag, and I love the off-the-shoulder style and built-in crinoline.  It's so flirty and fun!  I have a dress (which I used to wear all the time for auditions in college) that has a similar top, and when I lost weight, it no longer fit, which was so upsetting.  But this dress is even better, I think.  The print is so pretty and lush, and it reminds me of the Garden of Eden.  I found it dress on eBay once prior (and I think I either lost it in an auction or it wasn't my right size), but finding it again was really serendipitous.

ModCloth dress
ASOS heart necklace
Flower dress

In other news, the Fringe Festival is over.  There were such great offerings this year, and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of it in multiple facets.  I have a meeting this week for the children's theatre company I've worked with in the past, and hopefully that will mean being involved in some school touring again this year.  It'd be ideal if I could do that, work in the box office the rest of the time, and supplement with princess parties on the weekends -- fingers crossed.

off-the-shoulder dress
floral print
dress with crinoline
off the shoulder

Speaking of fingers crossed... I found out that my best friend Wayne had to have emergency surgery this weekend, and is currently in the ICU.  He has a long history of health problems (which I won't get into here), but this was particularly scary.  As of right now, it seems like he will recover, but will be in the hospital for a few weeks.  This year has been such a rough one, and I'm honestly not sure what I would do if I lost him.  I'm not a religious person these days, but I would be thankful if you'd keep him in your thoughts.

Twist and Tango dress
mel by melissa wedges
retro blog
Outfit Details
Dress: eBay (originally from ModCloth)
Wedges: Urban Outfitters (available here)
Heart necklace: ASOS (similar)
Belt: from another dress

xox Sammi


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  2. That dress is definitely a little bit Van Gogh with the style of the florals on it--there's something really beautiful and painterly about it. Great find!

    I've got my fingers crossed for both your work and your friend's recovery--I'm sure everything will be alright in the end :)

    Demi |

  3. What an amazing dress, I love the way you styled it. I think a dress that that should make any day a little better.

  4. Beautiful dress and wonderful styling! Those shoes are crazy adorable with the little bows. :)

  5. Oh, I will definitely keep him in my prayers and send positive thoughts his way!

    Your dress is quite lovely- lush is the perfect word for it.

  6. very beautiful dress and unique

  7. I love your dress and shoes, but honestly every time I see your little heart necklace I squee a little; it's so very cute and compliments your style so well. :) ♡

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  8. Best wishes for your friend, hope he's ok.

    Lovely dress - I really like the length of it, actually, the print's obviously great, but it's not often you find full dresses that above-knee kind of length. And also, your shoes are so cute and also look practical, which is a winning combination in my eyes! CC x

  9. That dress is really beautiful on you! I love the colors and the shape, and the off the shoulder neckline is really divine. I think it manages to be both sweet and sexy, which is a great place to shoot for.

  10. That sounds like such a fun gig. Best wishes Sammi and for your dear friend as well - wishing for a quick recovery.

    I can hardly believe this dress is from, what a find! The print on it is beautiful. And gah, fits you like a dream!

  11. This dress is really adorable, looks so great on you!

    Little Lady Little City

  12. Your dress collection gets cuter and cuter by the day!


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