Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bad In Plaid

I had been waiting all summer to wear this skirt and top set from Trashy Diva.  In fact, I'd been eyeing it for a year prior to buying it, so I've been very patient!  This plaid is practically perfect, and I love how full the skirt is.  I don't know how well I can pull off the cropped top in real life (I may just be too busty and tall for this particular one, and it's not very forgiving in the back), but at least I can pair the skirt with other tops and sweaters!

I'm glad I enjoyed my time off last weekend, because I'm not going to have much of a weekend for the next few weeks.  But I do have something exciting to announce: I'm one of the official bloggers for the Rochester Fringe Festival!  I'll be blogging on a different site for that, but I'll link to my posts if I think it's something you all might find interesting.  I'm really jazzed about this, because I've been involved in the Fringe in some capacity every year since it started, and this will be a brand new experience.  Plus, I get a press pass, which is pretty neat.  The Fringe starts on the 17th, so I have lots to get ready for before then!  I'm also in a staged reading during the festival, so like I said... the next couple of weeks are going to be crazy-busy!

Outfit Details
Plaid cropped top: Trashy Diva
Plaid skirt: Trashy Diva (no longer available)
White flats: YesStyle

Have a super Saturday!
xox Sammi


  1. nice colors<3

  2. I've never seen you in a crop top before! So interesting to see bloggers trying new things; I think you look cute in this, but, in real life, I think I'd feel to self conscious to ever try a crop top. You are brave :D

    Congrats on getting to be an official blogger for this event!

  3. I tried on this outfit when I was on my honeymoon in New Orleans. It looks so great on you!! Trashy Diva has such adorable clothing!

  4. Absolutely adoring this co-ord set! The colors are just perfect on you! I'm so pleased you posted it, because sometime I feel like the only one gobbling up all the matchy-matchy stuff right now.
    <3 Mariah

  5. Aw this matching set is adorable! I'm all about matching separates. I just love how remixable they are. This purple color is super gorgeous on you and I really enjoy the flower buttons on it.

    Jamie |

  6. such a cute two piece! i've been wanting to pick up a two piece set but haven't found something that's right for me yet but i think they're adorable.

    little henry lee

  7. That set looks awesome on you! I know we're not seeing all the angles that you can see, but it looks great from what you're showing here. I feel like the high waisted skirt and crop top combo looks good on so many people because it only shows that sweet spot on the upper abs that's toned on pretty much everyone.
    I actually have this same set, and I've worn that skirt so much in the past six months. I'm still trying to figure out other ways to use the top, though, it really only goes with the skirt.

  8. Very nice colors and pattern.

  9. I think you're getting away with it just fine - but I know what you mean about the crop and being on the busty side... it makes things shrink!! You could definitely pair that skirt with a load of different outfits. Very cute set - I really want to get my hands on some Trashy Diva some day soon <3 x

  10. purple just looks soooo good on you!! :)))

  11. This color is beautiful on you. Love the matching separates!

  12. Your outfits are the best and this is one of my favourite prints.

  13. Congratulations on your exciting blogging position, dear gal.

    This TD play set looks endlessly pretty on you!

    ♥ Jessica

  14. New blogging gig? Congrats! Sigh, I wanted this set so bad but it just wasn't in the cards. I'll probably stalk it on eBay though. I think it looks beautiful on you, I love those colors!


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