Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summertime Blues

Retro swimsuit

I'm in absolute denial that August is almost over.  As much as I love the fall, I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer!  I feel like I didn't end up doing many summery things this season.  I didn't go to an amusement park or to a carnival... and I hadn't even gone swimming!  I figured I'd at least check that off my list while I still had the chance.

Pastel swimsuit
Fables by Barrie swimsuit
Retro pastel swimsuit

I really adore this swimsuit!  It's by Fables by Barrie, which is one of my favorite retro reproduction swimsuit brands.  This suit isn't available at ModCloth anymore, but you can still get it on the Fables by Barrie website -- and it's 30% off, along with all of their other swimsuits!  You can check out their full selection here.  As much as I love the design and fit of this suit, it definitely took some courage to go through with posting these photos.  It's hard for me not to pick apart my appearance (especially when there isn't a flowy dress to hide behind), but in the end, even though I'm not perfect, I like how I feel in this suit, and isn't that all that matters?

Fables by Barrie
ModCloth swimsuit
Lavender bathing suit

In short, I'm making more of a conscious effort to do things that scare me a little bit or take me out of my comfort zone.  Sometimes, it's better not to over-think things... and just jump in.

Outfit Details
Swimsuit: ModCloth (available here!)
Jelly wedges: Pinup Girl Clothing
Sunglasses: ModCloth

Have a wonderful weekend!
xox Sammi


  1. You look adorable in that bathing suit; it's perfect for you!! :) Love those shoes, too.


  2. LOL I feel the exact same way. I didn't dip into a pool once his summer or eat any ice cream or go to any amusement parks. I think the most summery activity I did was jumping off cliffs into the lake and that was just about two weeks ago. Oh well, what matters is that you had funs. ;)

    Aaack even your bathing suit is a pastel wonder. It's so so cute! And there is your pink lipstick in all its glory. :D

  3. I do the same thing to myself, but it's so much more motivating when you see other ladies just putting it out there and being confident about themselves (even if it scares us)! You are perfect!

    <3 Kelsey
    Chaos Parade

  4. Super cute bathing suit! I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer either :(.


  5. That bathing suit is so pretty, and I have to say: you have a gorgeous figure! I'm so glad you just jumped in and posted these pictures, because it's so inspiring to see women who aren't "model-bodied" (but who are still beautiful!) posting things like this. And I love retro swimsuits, so that makes it even better! I don't feel like I did much this summer, either, but I am definitely looking forward to and excited for fall. I've sort of jumped into wearing fall clothing even though the weather isn't quite fall-ish yet, haha!

  6. Cutest one piece i've seen in a while! You look absolutely lovely!


  7. I am so happy you posted this! You look so gorgeous and I *love* that the sunnies match the swimsuit, which is amazing on you.

    -Mariah <3

  8. Nice:) x

  9. Looks good. Have a nice weekend.

  10. You look great! The whole look, especially the shoes and hair make you look like a '50s Barbie doll.

    - alexis

  11. This is the CUTEST swimsuit! And you are one gorgeous lady! Love it!

  12. What a fun suit- you look amazing! I can't believe you have a pool and hadn't gone swimming all summer :)

  13. I'm floating right down de-Nile river with you! :D How on earth can August, and by extension, summer be over already? I feel like this has been one of the fastest of my life and that because I was working so much/so busy, I didn't get to savour it as much as I would have liked. Oh well, the good thing about seasons is that inevitably, there will be another one in several months. :)

    Very, very cute/pretty swimsuit - I adore that feminine cut and colour palette!

    ♥ Jessica

  14. You look amazing, and what an adorable swimsuit! I feel like most women (myself definitely included!) feel self-conscious posting pictures with a bathing suit... but when it comes right down to it, most of that is in our own heads.

  15. You look beautiful! I too am trying to just jump in to life and step outside my comfort zone, but its difficult. I wish you all the best <3


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