Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Garden song

Plaid dress
Bright plaid
ModCloth plaid dress

This Blutsgeschwister dress is one of my absolute favorites.  It's a dress that never fails to cheer me up if I'm feeling low.  It's such a bright and fun piece, and I can't help but smile when I wear it.  I've worn it on the blog before, but it's definitely better suited for the warmer months, I think.  It's also a piece that I was especially thankful to find; I had spied it on the brand's website well before it was available anywhere in the USA, and because the Blutsheschwister site ships only to Germany and its surrounding countries, I thought all was lost.  Luckily, it ended up being available at ModCloth, and I knew I had to make it mine.  This plaid is so enchanting, and I love the sweet floral border.  I felt it would be a perfect pairing with my watering can novelty purse!

Back of plaid dress
Watering can purse
Bright plaid dress

I actually had a fairly relaxing weekend, and it's rare that I even have much of a weekend at all these days, since I normally work on Saturdays.  My mom and I went to the Public Market on Saturday morning (it's a huge farmers' market here in Rochester), and we got a ton of yummy stuff, including more peaches and nectarines than I ever could have imagined!  I've been eating one with every meal, and it's been delightful.  I wish we could go every weekend.  I also had a lot of time alone, which has been kind of nice, and I was able to take photos and work a lot on my personal acting website.  I'm slowing checking things off my to-do list, which is a nice feeling.

Blutsgeschwister plaid dress
Daisy ring
Plaid dress
Novelty purse
Plaid dress
Outfit Details
Prairie Extraordinary Dress: ModCloth
Spectators: BAIT Footwear (similar)
Boater hat: River Island (similar)
Pettislip: American Apparel
Watering can purse: eBay
Daisy ring: Mom's

On a serious note, I was so saddened to hear of Robin Williams' passing last night.  He was one of my favorite actors of all time, and he always astounded me not only with his comedic abilities, but with his incredible dramatic talent.  He was my first actor crush.  He made me believe in magic.  The world seems a little less magical without him in it.  Too many brilliant artists gone far too soon.  Be kind to each other.  <3

Have a great Tuesday.
xox Sammi


  1. I love this multicolored plaid on you! And the watering can purse is just adorable, I'm all about it.


  2. Oh, this is indeed a gorgeous and cheerful dress! I'm so glad you had such a lovely weekend and have been able to be checking things off your to-do list :)

  3. gosh, you are such a doll! You pull off plaid perfectly! and I agree, Robin Williams passing was so sad to hear about. I usually don't get sad when stars pass but he was such a charming guy.

  4. Robin Williams. :( My favorite role of his was in Insomnia, where he was so perfectly creepy, although it's sad in retrospect that it seems like it reflected a lot of his personal darkness. Such a talented guy.
    But that dress is lovely, and again, you're picked such a cute accessory! Love the watering can purse, it's a very sweet touch.

  5. I can see why this dress always cheers you up as it is so fantastic! I love the colors and that watering can purse is so fabulous! I love going to markets too, you can always find such great things! It was so sad to hear about Robin Williams.


  6. That dress is so perfect on you!!! You choose such fun patterns to wear and I love it! I've never been too much of a "bag" girl! But ever since I've been noticing these cute kitschy shaped bags online, I might be switching lanes! LOL! The watering can one of yours is TOO GOOD!!! Hehheehe

  7. omg, i love your daisy ring <3

    tasha x

  8. I love all the sweet little details in this outfit! That watering can purse is amazing, and I love your dainty little daisy ring (:

  9. Omg that watering can purse is so awesome. My eyes didn't register it as a purse at first lol I thought it was a prop! I love the dress on you :D

  10. ADORABLE outfit! Such a cute bag :)

  11. There is such a riot of vibrancy and fun at work in this charming plaid dress! I love it to bits! (I have a 80s does 50s dress in a somewhat similar palette and pattern that I love wearing in particular during the sizzling summer months, as it's short-sleeved and lightweight.)

    ♥ Jessica

  12. That watering can handbag is killer! I thought it was actually a watering can until I took a closer look. You have some amazing style ;)

  13. I'm so sad about Robin Williams too. I haven't talked about it on the blog because it makes me really sad. He's one of my favorites. I've been watching his movies every other day or so. For some reason it make me feel better!

    But in more cheerful news, how cute is this dress? It's seriously amazing with all those bright colors! I would wear this in an instant! I love the shoes you paired with it too.

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  14. That handbag actually tricked me! So cute and summery.

  15. I was super crushed to hear about RW too. In fact, I went by the Mork and Mindy house just the other day (I live in Colorado).

    I found your blog through Petite Penelopies. So cute! This dress is adorable and I didn't realize that the watering can was a bag!!! That is the cutest!


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