Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites #56

Happy Friday, kids!  Here are some of the looks I've been loving this week:

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I've been obsessed with Cry-Baby for years (I mean, what's not to love??  A John Waters 1950's musical with Johnny Depp?  Come on!), so I'm obviously gushing over these Cry-Baby inspired tees and matching clutch from Candy Strike.  They also have a ton of Hairspray-inspired merch!

If you're a little more Square than Drape, you'll probably love these adorable polka dot swing dresses from Lindy Bop!  The pink one reminds me of a 1950's Barbie!
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This gorgeous frock is very Mrs. Vernon-Williams:
You could definitely wear either of these beautiful swimsuits down at Turkey Point:
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This lovely dress seems like a modern twist on something that Allison might've worn:
And this one has Wanda Woodward written all over it (though perhaps it isn't tight enough):

In the spirit of the '50s, this lemon pie milkshake looks just swell:

Speaking of sweets... these sneakers take the cake!

And these two-piece sets from Dahlia are as sweet as can be:
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These pastel flats are just darling!
Links I loved this week:


Have a great weekend!
xox Sammi


  1. I love the silhouette of those Lindy Bop dresses! They look like they'd be perfect to twirl in, and the neckline is perfect. Also, that milkshake. My goodness.

  2. Candystrike rules! We must be brain twins because I'm wearing that Beat It Creep shirt on my blog today.

  3. Those "omg cake" shoes are adorable!


  4. I watched Cry-Baby for the first time recently, and it is just an epically fun movie. I have a Hatchet-Face inspired photo up on my blog today, she was my favorite character. I love that John Waters uses these actors that aren't typically attractive, there's something so cool about that. Also, those two piece sets are super cute.

  5. I love those "square" dresses and the fox! And yes please, lemon pie milkshake. Mmmmmmm!

  6. What a lovely collection! Also the OMG cake shoes are just too much, I love them!

  7. Mawwwww! I just watched "Cry Baby" the other day.... Oh John Waters. Lol! Love all your picks girlie!

  8. Those swimsuits are so cute! I can't believe I still haven't seen Cry Baby yet, by the looks of these styles I really need to.

  9. Can I just have all of those clothes? The Lindy Bop dresses are the cutest ever and I absolutely love the Cry Baby themed stuff.

    Jamie |

  10. Ugh I had the orange version of that scalloped lilac topshop swimsuit, with white on the top.... and my super smart boyfriend turned it blue in the wash!!! >:(
    If you ever wanna get it though, I highly recommend it, I've never had a more flattering swimsuit ever.


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