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Blogger Interview: Shermy from Shermette (+ Onecklace giveaway winner!)

Hi, everyone!  Happy June!  Since it's the first of the month, that means it's time for my monthly blogger interview.  I love highlighting and getting to know new bloggers, and this month, I'm featuring the gorgeous Shermy from the blog Shermette!  Shermy's blog focuses on all things vintage, and I'm absolutely enamored with her style and stunning photos.  Here's your chance to learn all about this Canadian beauty!  Be sure to follow her over at Shermette.  (Oh, and the winner of the Onecklace giveaway is listed at the bottom of this post!)

Name: Shermy

Age: 25

Where you blog: I blog at!  My blog is about vintage and vintage-inspired outfits, findings and travels.

How did you get into blogging?  I started blogging as sort of a creative outlet. There isn't a vintage scene at all where I live, so I just decided to share some of my endeavours online!

Where you work or what you studied in school:  Since I was a young teenager, I have worked for my family's school bus company.  Aside from that, I am an eyelash extension stylist!  My dad and I are also known to shoot a wedding here and there as well, as I'm also a photographer.

What's your dream job?  I have never really pondered this question much before, but I think my dream job would be a fashion stylist (preferably vintage).  I thought I'd like to run a vintage shop, but heck, I like buying and finding vintage, not selling it!  I'm also always trying to dress people, so maybe it's my calling!

Your favorite musical artist: I am very passionate about music and love so many genres and artists, but I really believe Perry Como is my all-time favourite, for many different reasons. Not only did that man have the voice of an Italian angel, but listening to his music as a kid just made me plain ol' happy. I feel so lucky to have had his music as a soundtrack for my life! Nowadays, older music is sometimes viewed as "silly" or "cheesy," but honestly, I think the general population would have happier lives if they listened to it!

Your favorite musical:  It was a toss-up, but South Pacific. I watched this so many times that when I was 11, I broke the VHS tapes.  Balllliiii Haiiii...

Drink of choice:  Not to be unhealthy, but Coke in the glass bottle. It tastes totally different than the can.

Favorite food in the world?  POTATO SALAD.  I'm pretty sure this song is about me.

Favorite book (from childhood or now):  No book has ever inspired me more than the first Harry Potter book.

What's your favorite season and why?  Fall has always been my favourite, as the climate where I live (Ontario, Canada) is the most ideal in the fall, and there's just something magical about the colourful leaves.

 Do you have a celebrity crush?  Clint Eastwood.  More specifically, "young" Clint Eastwood.

Which actress would play you in the movie version of your life?  So this ended up being a community question, as I had no idea! But my friend suggested Elizabeth Banks, and I really think that suggestion hit the nail square on the head!

 If you could live during any other time period, what would it be?  Clearly, I'm a huge fan of the 40s, 50s and 60s, but sometimes I really just wonder what a real home-cooked meal in the 1800s/early 1900s would have tasted like. I know that's random, but everything today is so genetically-altered, and our generation may never know how food was intended to taste. Mind you, I am accustomed to some modern conveniences, so I guess I would like to be my age now, maybe living on a farm in the late 1940s.

How would you describe your personal style?  Vintage with a side of kitsch.  As much as I love vintage, it can look dowdy if you're not careful, so I always try to spice it up with a little kitschiness!

Your favorite place to shop or favorite clothing brand:  Hmm, I really enjoy any flea market, vintage clothing store, or antique mall. The thrill of the hunt gets me every time! As brands go, my favorites are likely Pinup Girl Clothing and Trashy Diva. 

What's the most beloved article of clothing you own?  I searched through my things trying to decide, but I think my favourite piece is a little boys' 50s rayon Hawaiian shirt I found at an antique mall. It works perfectly for me as a crop tie top, and the colours are so vibrant! I'm crazy about anything tropical!
Shermy's favorite Hawaiian shirt
Do you have a style icon?  If so, who?  I find myself drawing inspiration from so many sources, but if I need to choose one, I do really love Betty Grable.

Go-to accessory:  I've been a purse girl for a long time.  (Yes, Sammi, I've been eyeing all of yours!)

If you could only wear one outfit every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Well, let's pretend the weather is nice all the time here, and I'll say probably just one of my vintage cotton day dresses. One with pockets. I'm trying to approach this question with some logic, as I'd normally want to say my puffy pink 50s prom dress!

What's been your favorite post from your blog so far?  Reading back through my posts, I have decided my favourite post is Washington Bound! I really liked my outfit (maybe not my favourite), but my husband and I really had a great time that day. Washington was really something to see, and the weather was so beautiful. Back home, we were still in snow drifts!

from Shermy's favorite post, "Washington Bound!"
Anything else you'd like to talk about?  I want to mention the Toronto Vintage Society, and suggest that anyone in and around Toronto check it out! There's plenty of "old time fun" events to attend, and plenty of opportunities to wear your favourite vintage outfits. Also, stay tuned, as in the near future, I'm launching a line of tropical hair flowers! More info will be up on my blog soon!

Thanks so much to Shermy for agreeing to do this Q&A on such late notice!  Be sure to follow her vintage adventures over at Shermette to see get all the latest!  And without further ado, the winner of the Onecklace customized name necklace giveaway is....

Congratulations, Carla!  Onecklace will be in touch with you about claiming your prize.  Thank you so much to those of you who entered! :)

Have a great Sunday!
xox Sammi


  1. Perfect post and she make a good job. xa Have a nice day.

  2. what a cute blogger! Loved the answers to the questions :)

  3. Wow, Shermy is gorgeous and her closet is filled with beautiful pieces. Thanks for highlighting her on your blog!

  4. Hi Sammi, God! I was nervous because I just can see the message! wow that happiness! ... thank you very much for this giveaway, I hope everything goes well, (I am a little scare) :o, but anyways I feel so happy.

    1. Hi Carla! I hope you get this reply! Let me know if you have any problems! Congratulations again!

  5. That was an amazing interview! I would be surprised if everyone's crush wasn't the young Clint Eastwood ;)


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