Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For the price of a cup of tea

Outfit Details:
Teacup dress: ModCloth (similar here
Teacup bag: WeShipWorldwide
Teacup necklace: ModCloth (similar here)
White flats: get them here
Pink hair bow: Forever 21

This is the outfit I wore for Mother's Day!  My mom and I have a love for anything tea-related (whenever I get married, my mom knows full well that I want my bridal shower to be a tea party!), and although we didn't go out for tea this year, I felt like this was perfectly suited for a day celebrating my mom.  My gifts to her ended up being tea-themed, too; I got her a sweet teapot (a good snag from Instagram shop, fabfindsanddesign) and a tea party cookbook, plus some Goetz's caramel cremes and another secret gift that STILL hasn't shipped!  Plus, I made her breakfast in bed (for the first time ever!).  She got to spend the day gardening, which is one of her favorite things, so I think she had a really nice day.  It helped that the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  It's amazing the effect sunshine has on my overall mood!

Can we talk about how amazing this teacup bag is?  I'd been searching for a teacup bag on a reputable website for a long time, so I was delighted to find this!  It's clearly a rip-off of this Moschino bag, but since that's no longer available -- and I don't have an extra $600+ lying around to spend on an impractical novelty purse -- this was an awesome find.  Storenvy is a really great resource for kawaii and novelty purses, though like any site that has Asian wholesale-type storefronts, it's good to be cautious when ordering.  Shipping tends to take way longer than you'd think, but I've never had a problem (and even if I did, PayPal is usually pretty good about refunding payment).

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
xox Sammi


  1. That dress is so darling! I totally see why it would work for mothers day celebrations. I always think its cute to see that breakfast in bed is totally a daughter thing to do for their moms on Mothers Day. I know I've done it for countless Mother's Days in the past. It does sound like your mom had a great day! That necklace is too cute with the little spoon detail.

  2. I love ordering knock offs from Ebay + Storenvy!! That bag is so adorable :D

  3. I love that dress! You look lovely. I could definitely use yet another tea themed dress. I'm also slowly, but surely developing a kawaii purse obsession. Along with all of my other kawaii obsessions! ;)

  4. Gotta love Asian knock-offs & Surprisingly I usually get shipments from China even faster than ones from the UK..

    Anyways, that bag is perfect and is so you. I'm a huge tea cup fan too so this whole outfit has me swooning. I was actually looking at some of the tea pots on that Instagram account a couple weeks back and hesitated on buying them for some reason..I wonder if it was one of the ones you bought and it was *meant* for your mother! Well, I hope you two had a lovely day together <3

  5. OMG! The tea cup necklace has a little tea bag string coming out of it! How adoreable.... love it girl!

  6. Fantastically darling outfit!!! I always adore seeing your looks - they're the sartorial equivalent of a trip to the world's best candy shop (I say that as a wholly positive thing).

    ♥ Jessica

  7. this is such a cute little outfit, love all the tea related details you've incorporated with your accessories :)


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