Monday, March 17, 2014

Shamrock shake

Outfit Details:
Dress (by Hell Bunny): ModCloth (similar here)
Spectators: BAIT Footwear (other colors here)
Cropped white cardigan: dELiA*s (similar here)
Vintage milkshake brooch: Good Goody Girls Jewels
Petticoat: eBay

I am not, so far as I know, even a teensy bit Irish.  I am a bit of a mutt, ethnically-speaking (my genetic makeup is primarily Polish Jew, with some German, Swedish, Welsh, French and Scottish thrown in, if you've ever wondered!), but Ireland is one country from which my ancestors did not descend.  I can't really identify with this holiday for that reason, but in addition, I also don't really drink, which sort of negates most aspects of this particular day.  I'd feel like an impostor were I to try to celebrate this holiday in fashion most people do, so my St. Paddy's Day carousing usually consists of consuming a certain seasonal minty fast food treat and leaving it at that.

This Hell Bunny dress is the perfect minty green color.  I kind of dislike the typical four-leaf-clover-green hue that is so representative of this day, and since this color is much closer to that of a Shamrock Shake, I thought it would be a better choice.  I almost decided to wear this minty milkshake dress, since the print is all too fitting for the title of this post, but it's not a great choice for the current weather we're experiencing, and all of the shoes that look good with it would stand a good chance of being ruined between the remaining snow and muddy ground.  Besides, I had much more fun twirling in this!

It is an incredibly strange phenomenon to be perfectly comfortable outdoors sans coat and yet have to wade through 6+ inches of snow!!  I took these pictures two days after a huge blizzard hit our area (we got over a foot of snow -- the most we've had all winter), and it was so odd to have newly-balmy temperatures juxtaposed with the remaining cold snow at my feet.  I can't complain, though!  It was so wonderful to not have perpetual goosebumps and have to rush through taking photos!  Spring, I feel your impending arrival... please make haste!

I can't wait to see new nests popping up!
Despite (or maybe because of?) the fact my weekend contained no rabble-rousing, I had a really great past few days.  On Friday evening, I went out for Indian food with my mom and then we went out to Homegoods and Kohl's for a little bit of shopping!  It's been a while since we've done something like that (I've been such a couch potato lately), and we had such a nice time.  I got a few goodies from both stores (a lavender teapot, a purple wastebasket and a retro-inspired kitchen sign from Homegoods, and a lilac-colored zip-up hoodie and adoooorable black and white polka dot Lauren Conrad dress from Kohl's), and I was so thankful to get out of the house and enjoy the non-freezing temperatures with my mom!  I actually had the day off on Saturday, so I made breakfast, worked out on the elliptical and did a little cleaning, and then saw a play that a few friends of mine were in.  The Normal Heart is certainly an incredibly important, emotionally-involved piece, and I'll be interested to see the film version, too.  I had a rehearsal Sunday afternoon (during which the costumer informed me that my Blue Fairy costume is most likely going to consist of a vintage, crinolined dress, a fish-shaped purse, a bouffant hairdo with a hair bow, and cat eye glasses... I almost flipped my lid, because HOW PERFECT IS THAT FOR ME?!), and relaxed for the rest of the evening.  This week is going to be long, as I don't really get a full day off from work at all, so I guess I squeezed in as much fun as I could!

Have a great St. Patrick's Day (if you celebrate), and a very lucky Monday!

xox Sammi


  1. Any excuse to wear green is welcome!! I'm also not Irish, but I'm in the spirit today with a Hell Bunny dress as well!
    We also got hit with that blizzard... adding yet another foot or so to our already HUGE pile of snow. We have about 3-4 feet of snow, so trust me, we can't see any tree-bottoms like in your photos!

  2. Nice:)) New post on my blog check out->

  3. This dress is PERFECT! And so are those shoes, love love love this!
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  4. So pretty!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day! You look wonderful, even if you're not one bit irish!!


  5. Mint green is the best kind of green! Still jealous of all the snow on blogs over the winter, I haven't seen a single peep of snow...

    I love have busy weekends like that.

    ~ K

  6. Beautiful, beautiful dress! I love that shade of mint!

  7. Amazing outfit, and use of the snow!! Mint is one of my faves!

  8. You look incredible! That dress is perfect, esp with that little shake pin <3

  9. I'm also not a huge fan of the bright shade of green that is usually associated with St. Patty's Day, but I definitely enjoy mint! You look adorable! I wish that warm weather would stay. It keeps going back and forth between 50s and 30s and it's making me crazy!!

  10. Blue fairy's outfit is so perfect for you! I want to see the fish purse too.

    This outfit is adorable!

  11. I LOVE when theatre costumes match what you love in real life. I've spent my share of the stage in 1940's dresses, so I suppose that's why I love that decade so very much :)
    ALSO I love Kohl's. Lauren Conrad is my favorite brand there because I feel as though a lot of the pieces are vintage inspired. I can't wait to see the polka dot dress you got there!
    And I think it goes without saying that this is possibly the most perfect dress on the planet. Color, length, details...ah!
    And, I could go on. But alas, I'll save some for another day. Hope you're having a great day m'dear! :)

  12. AMAZING DOESN'T EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN HOW PHENOMENAL YOU LOOK IN THIS. I bought this dress, looked terrible in it, and returned it. haha. Also, as a weird sidenote, your little photo area is going to look so amazing in the spring! I need an area like this for my blog photos!

  13. OMG this dress is so amazing.. and in mint. AHHH JEALOUS. The Blue Fairy costume sounds so perfect... you must take pictures!

  14. wow! what a beautiful dress!! It's soooo flattering on you!!! <3

    love, polly

  15. I adore this dress. Adore it. I love those shoes. But I want to pull you out of the snow! I don't care how warm it was - I can't imagine trekking through the snow at all. You are much more dedicated a woman than I, so I have mad respect for you.


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