Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Favorites #41

Just when it seemed like spring was nearly upon us, we got hit with a huuuge blizzard this week... which makes me more desperate for warmer weather (and all of the pastels)!  Here are some of this week's favorite spring finds:

a // b // c // d // e // f // g // h // i // j // k

A  //  B

That lilac dress reminds me of a mermaid, and these flats do too!
These yellow dresses are so perfectly cheery (the first and third ones have daisy details on them)!
one // two // three

These punny snack boxes are so sweet!
Even sweeter is this rabbit-themed top and skirt set from Vintage Style Me!
And these graphic skirts are pretty fantastic:
a // b

Adorable office supplies alert... kitty highlighters and erasers that make your pencil turn into a magic wand!  Since I am a self-proclaimed cat lady who is currently playing a fairy... these are both ideal.
1 // 2

A retro-inspired dress that encompasses both pastels and cats?!  TAKE MY MONEY.
Speaking of retro, I need this iPhone dock in my life:

I also love these two music-themed, black-and-white beauties:
1 // 2

This cardigan is the best mix of pastel kawaii and retro kitsch.  It's also THE perfect length for so many dresses I have AND IT HAS RUFFLES.  What more could I ask for in a sweater?!
And finally, what may be the best find of the week... which always seems to be Breaking Bad-related (but really, is anyone surprised?)... a genius individual made these stellar remixes:

Seasons 1 & 2

Seasons 3-5

Have a fabulous Friday!
xox Sammi


  1. Oh my gosh, all of these items are lovely (I'm especially into those flats!), spring is upon us!

  2. You always find the best stuff! Everything is super cute, but my absolute favourites are the mermaid shoes and the kitty dress. They're super gorgeous!!!

    Amber Jade
    Fairytales and Following Trails

  3. I'm in love with all of these items, I need that flamingo cardigan in my life <3

    And omg those Breaking Bad videos are great.

  4. I can't stop looking at those bright yellow dresses! Delightful.



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