Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Festival of lights

Outfit Details:
Nishe star dress: eBay (similar styles here and here)
Light blue tights: ModCloth (similar at Topshop)
Star and arrow necklace: Forever 21 (only $0.99!!)
White flats: yeswalker (on sale!)

Sooo... as you may have guessed from the change of scenery... it is getting really cold and snowy here (we got a ton of snow last night!), and it is thus very difficult to take pictures when not wearing unstylish-yet-functional footwear!  In addition, my tripod is now quasi-broken.  Two of the legs are missing one screw each (and I have no idea where they went!), so the whole thing is really wobbly.  It's probably because I kind of haul it around with reckless abandon.  It isn't staying balanced very well, obviously, and I'm too afraid to risk bringing it back outside and having my camera fall on the ground.  Luckily, I do have some outfit photos on reserve, and I'm asking for a DSLR -- and now, a tripod -- for the holidays... so keep your fingers crossed on that.  AND if you have any DSLR-related advice, I would so appreciate your input.  I'm clearly still a bit of a novice and everything I do is trial-and-error, so I would really love to hear any advice you'd have to offer on make and model (I'm leaning toward a Canon, though I don't really know why, but other than that, I know nothing), as well as lenses, remotes (i.e., should I get one?), etc.  I will probably just need to go to a camera store, but trying to do research on my own is incredibly daunting.  I've asked for advice with this before, but I'm still pretty confused!  I need to figure it out soon, because the holidays are almost upon us!

Actually, the holidays really start today, at least for me.  Tonight is the first night of Chanukah!  I usually end up wearing something involving navy blue on Chanukah (it just seems apropos, for some reason), and I was really wishing that I had a galaxy dress (like this one!), because Chanukah always makes me think of stars and skies and things.  But then I remembered I had this dress -- which I was thinking of selling --- and it just reminded me of the Chanukahs of my childhood!  I think the brightly colored stars remind me of the Chanukah candles we always used, or something.  And I just love the buttons!  I already have a bunch of dresses by Nishe, so I was thinking of selling this in a forthcoming shop my closet update... but now I'm not sure!  I have a lot of trouble letting go of material possessions (I'm an only child, so I guess it sorta makes sense), even if I could make some money off of them.  I think this dress might be too cute to sell, though.  I still haven't decided.

We celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas in my house, but as I've gotten older, Chanukah has kind of fallen by the wayside.  My mom grew up Lutheran and converted to Judaism when she married my dad, so I am technically fully Jewish, but I've always loved being able to celebrate both sets of holidays with family.  My family seems to be shrinking more and more as I get older, and because I'm an only child (and newly single), this fact seems more and more pronounced.  I know we're having latkes tonight (and for a woman who didn't grow up Jewish, my mom makes THE best latkes!), and then my mom will be cooking up a storm tomorrow for Thanksgiving.  I don't really get Chanukah presents anymore (I think the last one I got was in high school, and it was a new hair dryer... haha), so Christmas is kind of the big gift holiday for us.  We always open presents on Christmas Eve (we get mostly silly stocking stuffers on actual Christmas), and we usually end up going to a movie on Christmas Day (we're thinking Anchorman 2 this year).  Sometimes we are typical Jews and eat Chinese food, too.  What are some of your holiday traditions??  I'm always interested to see how traditions evolve, both from family to family and throughout the years!

Have a great day -- and a great Chanukah, if you celebrate!
xox Sammi


  1. It is really neat to hear about your family's (evolving) family traditions. I always enjoy hearing about traditions!

    We typically opened gifts on Christmas even with some from "Santa" in morning including a stocking of edibles. This year will be different since Amos and I have our own home and we also need to see his family. One my favorite fairly new traditions is going with his family to mountains to pick out trees. We usually go the first weekend in December.

    Also, the star dress is darling and I'm so sorry to hear of your camera blues!

  2. Thank you for the awesome advice again :)

    I love this outfit and the colorful stars! It's so cool how you like to dress up for the holidays! Indoor pix are always fine, I hope you are able to get a tripod and camera! Well, happy Chanuka! I don't celebrate, but I hope yours is fantastic!


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