Thursday, August 8, 2013

Right there in black and white

Outfit Details:
Dress: Anthropologie (old)
Light pink petticoat: vintage (via Cara)
White flats: yeswalker
Bow necklace: Kohl's

I've had this lovely dress for quite some time -- it's from wayyy before I was ever specifically into vintage or pin-up fashion.  I was a few sizes bigger than I am now when I bought this dress, but this is one of the few pieces that miraculously still fits well, post-weight loss.  I'm so glad about that, since I'd hate to have to lose this dress from my wardrobe!  My favorite part is the sewn-in pink lining... it's not fluffy like a crinoline, and you can't see it unless you lift the skirt up, but it's such a lovely surprise!  I added a light pink lace petticoat underneath it (courtesy of my former voice teacher's vintage collection) for a little more volume, and to amp up the pink factor.

This week has been pretty crazy -- I'm finally getting back into the swing of things where auditions and rehearsals are concerned.  This unintentional hiatus has been good for me in certain ways, but not-so-good in others.  It's been a while since I had to audition for something, and it can be difficult to get back on the horse at first.  We're having our first rehearsal for ROOMS: a rock romance (the show we're doing in the Rochester Fringe Festival) tonight, and I'm eager to sink my teeth into it.

I hope you have a lovely Thursday!
xox Sammi


  1. Love this dress! The pattern is so beautiful! I am happy that you were able to keep this dress in your closet! It would be such a shame to lose! The petticoat you added is perfect! Good luck with your rehearsal!


  2. It is fun to see you in a longer dress like this, and the pink underneath is so cheeky and fun.

    Break a Leg!

  3. Black and white is always riiiiiight!~ (sings)

    It's funny how certain things fit us right throughout the years and throughout our bodies changing but then other things, gaining a single pound or losing a ton, you can always fit in it. I can name a few pesky items that will fit some weeks in my closet and other weeks won't... it's why my outfits change so weirdly... does that make sense? lol lol

    I adore your black and white dress. The pattern on it kind of looks like really wobbly scissors, and I totally thought that's what it was before. NOPE! Just cool squiggles. Either way, I dig. ;)


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