Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lavender and Lace: a Lalamagic outfit post

Outfit Details:
In Love With Lavender Lace Dress: Lalamagic
And Mary rocking horse necklace: ASOS (on sale!)
White peep-toe flats: ASOS
Lilac flower ring: LeffKatya
Flower crown: DIY 

I have loved this beautiful, delicate dress from the moment I saw it on the Lalamagic website.  When Gracelys of Lalamagic reached out to me to review some items and to become an affiliate for her vintage-inspired boutique, this was the first piece that came to mind.  I ordered it right away -- albeit hesitantly, since I was afraid it wouldn't fit.  Amazingly, the stretch in this dress is the perfect amount for my frame, and it ended up fitting perfectly.  I could not have been more thrilled.

And so it hung in my closet, waiting for the perfect opportunity to be showcased.  I knew I wanted to wear a flower crown with it, because it's so dreamy that it begs for one.  I wanted to try my hand at making one myself, since none of the ones I've bought seemed to be right.  This was my first attempt at making one, and I'm pretty pleased with the result (though I know what I'll do differently for the next one I make).  It's just as romantic-looking as I'd envisioned, at the very least.  


This field is further down on my street, right next to a historic path (which is now mostly a bicycle path) that leads into the next town over.  It doesn't even look like it could be in the same state though, right?  I've been wanting to take photos here for a while.  I think it's a nice change of scenery.

That is a vulture(!!!)... it's like a completely different world!

Lalamagic is one of the first places I look for quirky, romantic prints and unique silhouettes.  The online shop just got in a bunch of truly wonderful pieces that I couldn't resist sharing!

I Love Gingham Cropped Top

Joyful Daisies Cropped Top

Have a Cup of Tea Cropped Top

French Village Bow Top

Macaroon Bow Top

Rosy French Patisserie Cropped Top

Vintage Vanity Top
A Day of Pastel Top
Minty Love Tank Top
Day Dream Denim Pinafore Dress
I am very much in love with all of these!  I think the French Village print top is my absolute favorite, followed by the little ruffled gingham crop top with the tea cup embroidery.  All of their pieces are so darling (don't even get me started on the cat-themed jewelry), and I love that Lalamagic also offers free worldwide shipping, as well as free returns and exchanges.  Because I shop online so much, those things matter to me quite a bit, and they definitely determine my brand loyalty.  If any of these pieces entice you, be sure to check out this darling, vintage-inspired shop.  I'd love to hear if you've found a favorite piece at Lalamagic, too!

Have a beautiful weekend!
xox Sammi


  1. I absolutely love this outfit! Your dress is so lovely and romantic and your floral headband is the perfect touch! And I definitely have some hair envy!

  2. I'd never heard of LaLa Magic until, well, now, and I love it! Unfortunately, all of the stuff I loved is sold out! I really like the Cotton Candy Gingham dress. And yours, of course!

    Life of Mabel

  3. what a cute outfit. :) I love the flower field.

  4. Wahhhahaaaaaaatt!!~ Sammi, oh gosh, these pictures are SO DREAMY! I love this lush meadow that you took pictures in. You are seriously a magical fairy princess here. Magical fairy princess to the MAX!

    And your flower crown is lovely. Don't say that it's not perfect, because it seriously is. I love how big and fluffy yours is... and the flowers you picked are perfect. Lavender is such a nice color on you!

    Shoot, that denim pinafore is pretty adorable. I tried one on the other day in Forever 21 but it wasn't a flare skirt and so it looked pretty weird. That one would be so perfect though, oooh..

  5. love the floral crown! you totally rock it! it looks so pretty with your long hair and bangs!

  6. Beautiful! Such a pretty shoot <3 Alex

  7. You look beautiful in the flower crown! I love it when people can really pull of the enourmous flowers look.

    Those cropped tops are probably the prettiest I have ever seen. I think they look so lovely on so many fashion bloggers, but they really wouldn't work on me! Totally too much boobs and stomach for it... :)

  8. You look absolutely lovely! And that dress is gorgeous! It's so dainty and feminine.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  9. This is crazy! I JUST found a top at the thrift store almost identical to that red and white one. LOVE it.

  10. Gorgeous photos! Love the dress, adore the floral head piece, all wonderful! xx

  11. You're so cute :) I'm in love with your dress

    Ruth x

    Enter my giveaway if you'd like :)

  12. Sammi this location and shots are some of your best to date me thinks! this styling suits you perfectly! what a fantastic collaboration! you my dear look gorgeous! and looks like a fabulous day for sunshine!! The first and second shots have to my favourite! xxxx

  13. such a dreamy look! that dress is absolutely wonderful :) you look amazing!

  14. You look like a beautiful woodland princess!! Beautiful as always!

    Xo, Hannah

  15. Wow, am I loving that dress and floral crown. You look just like a summer sprite. :)


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