Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ice cream and swimming pools

Thank goodness it's less humid around here as of late.  When I was running around and taking photos for my shop my closet post, it was so muggy outside that I finally couldn't take it anymore -- and I jumped in our pool for the first time this summer!

Outfit Details:
Red or Dead Ice Cream one piece swimsuit: Joanna's Wardrobe
(Other styles also available: tankini and bikiki)
Pink flats: J.Crew (old)

I absolutely love this brand.  I have two other swimsuits by Red or Dead (one is bright yellow and has a map of London drawn on it, and the other is a blue tankini with flowers and gardening tools on it).  Highly recommend these!  It's kind of a difficult brand to find, but there are a bunch of swimsuits of theirs still available at ASOS.

I adore this print!

Have a great Sunday (or sundae, now that this swimsuit has whet your appetite) and stay cool!
xox Sammi


  1. Wow, what a fabulous bathing suit!! I love it. Such a perfect pattern for summer. And it has my fav colours in it, ha. It looks really great on you.
    And you're lucky it's less humid there! It's quite humid today, yet again! It's no good for my hair, ha.


  2. Soo nice pattern. Have a great day.

  3. this costume is just completely perfect!!! with the ice creams on!! I wish it was hot enough for a pool here! alas! not so much. You are stylish my dear all the way through xxxx

  4. That is such a unique and fun swimsuit!!

  5. Loving that bathing suit. And you look amazing!

    Love, Amy

  6. That's such an adorable swimsuit! I think it's sad how much I don't like swimming 'cause I do love my swimsuit this year :)

  7. Wow, I wish I had a pool! I feel like I never go swimming (and so I have to miss out on bathing suit shopping)! This one is, well, sweet!


  8. your swimsuit is the best! I want one!



  9. What a sweet suit! I've recently bough one in ... polar bears print!

  10. oh my god, the pattern on your swimming costume is SO CUTE! i love it, it's so adorable and summery! what a find.

    little henry lee

  11. Definitely one of the best swimming costumes I've seen all year so far, so cute! x

  12. oh my <3 your swimsuit is adorable!!!! you look genius <3

  13. Oh I love a pretty one-piece swimsuit! You look great and that shade of blue looks beautiful on you!

  14. such a lovely swim suit! you have an awesome figure! x

  15. Holy wow you look great :D I haven't been swimming yet this summer, but I'm gonna get there!

    xo Ashley

  16. Oh Sammi, you have cute EVERYTHINGS!! Seriously, this swimsuit suits you so very perfectly... so colorful and fun and it even has a little bow to boot! Super adorable indeed.

    I'm so awful at finding swimsuits. I rarely go to the pool (which is funny because I work at one... lol lol) and I only like wearing one pieces. I really like those cute one pieces modcloth has, or even those sailor style ones, but I can't justify dropping $80+ on a swimsuit I would wear perhaps once or twice during the summer... hehe


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