Sunday, June 16, 2013

Birthday BBQ

On Thursday, a very special boy turned 27 years old... :)

Outfit Details:
Emily and Fin Dress: ASOS
(similar dresses available at ModCloth)
Sweater: The Limited (old)
White flats: yeswalker
Belt: eBay

... So we went to get some delicious barbecue! 

Enjoying a birthday beer
Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw on top (om nom nom), with BBQ baked beans and the most bangin' macaroni salad I've ever had on the side (and housemade pickles)

Ribs, mac & cheese, BBQ baked beans and cornbread (which I also ate)

...And then my mom made Steven's favorite cake (yellow cake with chocolate icing), with fresh strawberries and vanilla bean ice cream.  I think I probably gained 5 pounds this day.

Birthdays are sort of weird when you get a little older.  I am pretty insistent that I have some kind of celebration, if I can help it.  Because I'm kind of a princess.  I think I'm just always chasing the same kind of birthday parties my mom used to throw for me when I was little (she is the queen of party planning!).  I am definitely planning on having a costume party for my 25th!  My birthday is at the very end of October (just a few days before Halloween), so it lends itself to being a costumed event, don't you think?  Especially for a girl who basically dresses in quasi-costumes on a regular basis.  

I hope my Steven had a nice birthday, despite the fact that it wasn't too eventful.  He's still in the midst of settling in to his new place (he's waiting on the magical IKEA delivery truck).  Steven's dad made the 6 hour drive up here to bring some additional things (like a super cute old wood table that we're planning on painting!), so he'll be spending Father's Day with my family today, too.  :)

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Have a wonderful Sunday (and Father's Day)!
xox Sammi


  1. Everyone deserves to be a princess (or a prince) on their birthday. :) I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to keep the charm of birthdays, especially since you already love to dress up so much. It's another event you've gotta be prepared for, you know? :D Who doesn't want an excuse to dress up. I love that about you! <3

    The food you guys had looks AMAZING and happy birthday to Steven!!

  2. annnnnd cutest dress award goes to... i get what you mean about birthdays when you get older, but i, like you, still want those little parties! my boyfriend is turning 25 next week, and i still jumbling together ideas.
    happy sunday to you as well!

    lindsey louise

  3. You would be the perfect hostess for a costume party. This dress is so fresh and pretty paired with a white cardigan.


  4. lovely outfit!

    xx, rebecca

  5. This dress is perfect on yyou and I love the rustic mirror in the back. I like to make people feel special on their birthday's in whatever way I can! My boyfriend just had a birthday and he wasn't too stoked on celebrating, but I sorta forced it on him! I can't wait to see your 25th!! My brother (a day before halloween birthday) did that for his 30th. It was the BEST time.

  6. Wow, you look so, so stunning. This dress is perfect for you and the special boy must have been very happy to go out with the prettiest girl of the day for his birthday. I'll come back to see more of you for sure <3

  7. Great dress, it's so cute <3 It's coincidence cause I just came back from a family bbq!
    Love, Anna

  8. You are too cute for words. I love that dress.


  9. Looks like you had a great day! You look SO cute in your dress xx

  10. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm following yours now, stay in touch xx

  11. Yes! Birch beer, love it! Omg, please have a costume party for your 25th! Halloween is like my favorite time of year because of the costumes. Last year me and my friends dressed up for an entire week at school--it was awesome. I'm thinking of having either a 50s or costume party for my 21st. the dress too :)

  12. This outfit is beautiful and so are you! I love the mint polkadots and white bolero together, what a delightful combination :D It looks like your boyfriend had an absolutely delicious and perfect Birthday - which is how every Birthday should be!

  13. That dress color looks perfect on you! And your hair is the absolute cutest! I just happened upon your blog here and I love it! Your style is so classy and inspiring!

  14. That dress is absolutely adorable :)


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