Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I sort of hate to ask it / But do you have a basket?

When I had to work for the Sondheim and Bernstein concert with the RPO last week, I knew I wanted to wear this Little Red Riding Hood print dress (even though they didn't play any music from Into the Woods, as it turned out)!  It's such a lovely, retro shape, and it's super comfortable!

Outfit Details:
Favorite Fairy Teal Dress: ModCloth
White belt: eBay
Doo Bee Doo Bee Shoe Heel: ModCloth
Purse: Marshalls

Have a wondrous Wednesday (and first day of May)!
xox Sammi

EDIT: Ladies!  If you love retro dresses like this, and you've seen me post about the beautiful dresses at Trollied Dolly, check out their website today!  They are offering a 25% off promo code (on EVERYTHING, including their beautiful new spring season pieces) TODAY ONLY with the code MAYDAY25.  Their dresses are gorgeous and well-made (I have 2 in my closet!), and their prints are fabulous.  Check out their offerings now!


  1. Again lady, you are stunning. So whimsical.

  2. I am in love with this dress! again another fabulous print! too too cute!! xx

  3. This is cuch a cute look! Lovely dress and adorable bag and shoes!!

  4. I will be checking out Trollied Dolly! That dress is just adorable!

  5. Loooove that handbag! So cute!
    And THANKS a lot, now I'm gonna be singing songs from Into the Woods all day... ;)


  6. Honey, you are so pretty! I love this outfit, and the print on the dress!

  7. such a beautiful dress! I will need to add this too my wishlist :) xx

  8. That dress is lovely! It is totally the cut and style I would go for =)

    Corinne x

  9. Love this dress and the bag was the perfect addition for an adorable primary color palate. So cute!


  10. I love the pattern of this dress!

  11. lovely dress just a prinses! Shall we follow? let me know XSE

  12. You look so sweet and perfectly accessorized! What a great print.

  13. Pretty bag:)

    -Visit My blog

  14. Whoa - that is hands down the cutest little dress I've seen in a while! I'm quite smitten with the print and that adorable little bag! xo Marisa

  15. Ah, that dress is the cutest ever! The print is beautiful. It's so playful, yet so feminine. I think you look so gorgeous in it :)

    x Sam

  16. i LOVE that dress! while it's little red riding hood, you look like snow white! the hair! the lips! the complexion!
    stunning :)

  17. Hey, Sammi! That dress looks great on you! The print is adorable. :)
    And to answer your question: yes, it is the New Hope, PA in Bucks County. :)
    What a small world it is! (I live about an hr from there, in North West Jersey) And, nope we haven't talked about it before.
    The necklace was such a great find. Some times when I go to New Hope, I don't find anything to buy, but I don't mind because it's such a cute, artsy town to walk around in! I love to visit there.


  18. This dress just fits you like a glove. Love it!


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